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Reader: Angela Spirituality
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Let me step into your shoes and bring you messages from the spirit world. I can also bring you messages from your own spirit guide.

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Reader interview

Firstly, can you tell us about your readings?

My intention is to help through clear sight and clear interpretation of messages coming through our guides – to open up the door ways to clear light.  To remove barriers and further the endless possibilities to enrich our lives, bring light where there is darkness.  Also to put people back in charge of their lives with building confidence and strength.

How did you first discover you were a medium and what training did you do?

Mediumship has been a part of my mother’s family for years.  Goes back to Great-Grandfather who travelled to the States & Canada, it was there he got involved with the spiritualist movement.  It was when he returned to Wales he joined forces with others and opened one of the first spiritualist churches in the Rhondda. So it is no real discovery to have this gift, though I believe we all have potential to develop it. I have seen many things growing up, and was able to share it home.  My brothers are very “psychic” though some men don’t like to admit! Training to develop the mediumship came through by being invited to sit in circle.  There are different ones “open” & “closed” I prefer the “closed version” as it gives chance for the same people to build good energy.  With open circle different people sit in the circle each week, the energy is not so “high”. Each week we would open in meditation and do maybe inspirational writing, drawing, use different “tools” to concentrate the mind.  This starts to let spirit guides come in.

Do you actually see people from spirit in front of you or just hear them – how does it work for you?

Yes I have seen spirit in solid form in front of me, and luckily had other people there to witness it. It isn’t frightening, can feel a little odd, it takes a lot of energy for them to come through. Also they come through meditation and present pictures or moving videos in my mind’s eye. This is how evidence of spirit comes into play; they bring information, scenes of the past with names and descriptions. It’s also possible to hear spirit, though it has happened only a few times to me. They communicate mainly through the mind with me.

Does mediumship just give people proof of survival after death or can you use it in other ways?

Mediumship does give some proof of evidence of the afterlife, though many do not believe it till they pass. I often get spirit coming back through saying they didn’t think it would be like this. Mediumship also helps us grow, with our own journey and development in this life and it brings more knowledge and self awareness.

Does your mediumship just give you contact with people’s relatives that have passed over or can you bring anyone through?

Mediumship works via “guides” who help to open the door way to pass relatives and also others who wish to communicate with us maybe friends, associates and so on.

What do you say to someone if you cannot connect with the person they want to talk to, or they just don’t want to talk to who does come through?

Wish it was as simple as picking up the receiver on the phone to spirit and dialling the correct number to get who you want. I have had clients who didn’t want to speak to certain spirits but I will still bring them the messages as it’s important and ask spirit to step aside.

When we die, do you think that what those in spirit are then able to tell us is always going to be right? Have you ever known them to be wrong?

Yes certainly some messages come across to me and will confer back to spirit as wrong will argue. We always hope to work to our best abilities through our guides to bring “clear messages” through. As giving anything else is pointless and waste of energy and time.
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