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What is a Soul?


Understanding what is a soul, the difference between soul and spirit and the journey of the soul…


Famous American singer songwriter Ray Charles, once wrote, “What is soul? It’s like electricity – we don’t really know what it is, but it’s a force that can light a room”. What is a soul? While a soul is not a visible or tangible element in human life, it is believed to be an entity separate from the body, but an integral part of us. By some, the human soul is regarded as the spiritual part of humans, which is distinctly separate from the physical body. It is also described as the emotional part of us, an element of the human being that connects with life itself, our fate and others that we meet. It is perhaps the core of a person who transcends through lifetimes, entering physical bodies as a vehicle for existence.

A person has a spirit, and they are a soul…




The simple choice of words of a ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’ has been so widely used through time that many believe they have the same meaning. What is the difference between soul and spirit? Scripture generally portrays that the ‘spirit’ is the immaterial aspect of humanity and the ‘soul’ is the life. A person has a spirit, and they are a soul. The soul and the spirit have many emotional and spiritual experiences, and can be used to refer to as physical life or a living human being, or indeed someone who has passed away or the afterlife. The soul is the essence of a person while the spirit is the connection to the universe or to deities if we are committed to a religion. The soul is believed to be feminine by nature and the spirit is believed to be masculine.
As our soul develops, we seek out an understanding about ourselves…




Understanding what is a soul can make a difference to how you view life. A soul journey is the path that our soul has chosen to take from when it first came in to existence. We all want to live with abundance and will desire to experience certain events in life. We may have experienced failed relationships with partners who have made us learn boundaries, but ultimately we choose to experience unconditional love, so, as long as we let go of negative influences, we may reach our goal. However, it is believed that we only experience this when we have learnt about love and the lessons it serves. In life we may focus on materialistic aspects in the hope to provide for our families and for ourselves. We desire to live without conflict, struggles or difficulties but unless we focus on what we are grateful for, we are pulled towards negative thinking. As our soul develops, we seek out an understanding about ourselves, we learn to adapt, commit and change anything which may put up barriers to our progression.





Learning how to help heal your soul could make quite a difference in how you feel about life:


SPIRITUALITY – Whether you follow a religion or are an atheist, everyone has some kind of a spiritual belief. Connecting with your spirituality will help you to understand your soul and progress on your chosen path.


PASSION IN LIFE – Devote more time to exploring your passions in life. Often busy chores and commitments hinder us from doing the things that we love. What gives you pleasure or what relaxes you and makes you feel grounded? Find your passion in life, whether it’s creative, artistic, physically or mentally stimulating.


LEARN TO RELAX – It is believed that if we put aside just 30 minutes a day, we can change the way we view life, our daily routine, others and ourselves. Meditation is the best form of relaxation, or simply enjoying a warm bath, reading a good book – something which helps you to escape the worries and anxieties of life.


EXPRESS YOURSELF! – Learning to understand, connect and express your emotions is extremely important. So many of us repress our thoughts and feelings for various reasons. Speaking out and saying how you feel is liberating and good for the soul.


HELP OTHERS – Small acts of kindness towards others helps us to feel needed, loved and important. Whether it’s a small gesture, or helping a friend in need, giving out (and not expecting in return) will give a sense of heart-warming satisfaction.





The human soul walks hand in hand with our physical life, like two beings in one. It has a set pathway for us and it rules our emotions, our compassion, our understanding of others and our self-love for ourselves. While physical life is what keeps the body active and the heart beating, it needs the human soul to help make decisions, to link emotions with the brain and to guide us on our soul’s journey. Awaken your soul by rediscovering its power and link with your intuition, access your higher self and work with the creative passion that lies within.





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PUBLISHED: 14 June 2016



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