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Tea Leaf Oracle

Fortune-telling using tea-leaves is a very old form of divination. It’s the sort of insight that might have been offered by the village wise-woman in days gone by. It’s one of the easiest forms of forecasting, and costs you nothing, apart from the price of a warming brew.
Of course, like all forms of divination, it isn’t precisely the tea-leaves that speak to you. They are a way of focusing your intuition and possibly accessing what your subconscious mind already knows.

So take the tea-leaf test to liberate your psychic self, and receive guidance.
Find out how to:
  • Prepare for the oracle
  • Create the oracle
  • Interpret the meanings of the leaves


As with all divination, your state of mind is important. Let yourself relax and meditate for a few moments, using mindfulness to bring your mind into the here-and-now. Relax and be serene. 
For the oracle to work, obviously it needs to be taken seriously. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be stern and silent. If you’re with a friend it’s fine to talk and even have a giggle, as long as you are being respectful.
Choose a tea that you like, for its fragrance and taste. Obviously this has to be loose tea, not tea-bags! Your teapot and cups should all be to hand, and should all ‘feel right’ to you, so they are a pleasure to use.  As you progress and use the oracle regularly, you may want to buy a tea-pot and cups that you keep just for the purpose of the oracle. In that way you will strengthen the whole process.


When you’re ready, make the tea, using an earthenware pot. First, warm the pot by filling it with boiling water. Pour this away and think of the question you want to ask as you put leaves in the pot. Use plenty of leaves, so you have enough to make the oracle.  Now fill the pot with boiling water.
Choose three tea-cups that you find attractive and pour the tea into them, allowing the leaves to flow from the pot – do not use a strainer. These three cups symbolize the past (in the sense of what’s influencing the current situation), present matters and future and/or more long-term implications. As the tea cools, close your eyes and focus once more on your question.
When the tea is cool enough and you are ready, drink the first cup in a continuous gulp, until only the leaves remain, stuck to the bottom of the cup. Repeat this with the second and third.
Now you can begin to study the leaves. Do this in turn, starting with the first cup, remembering this means the near-term circumstances, followed by the second, which shows the way things are evolving, and finally the third, which depicts the ultimate outcome.



Look for symbols and shapes in the leaves. You don’t have to be psychic but you do need to develop an ‘eye’ for perceiving patterns. Don’t question yourself too harshly and trust your intuition. The following list of meanings isn’t the full story, because the possibilities are endless. However, when you are a beginner you can start with this.
SHARP SHAPES danger and threat
ENCLOSED SHAPES (e.g. rectangle, circle) hemmed in, loss of independence
BOW AND ARROW jealousy and spite
THREE SOLID LINES luck for the man in the family
THREE BROKEN LINES luck for the woman in the family – this may also indicate marriage
NUMBERS TOTALLING FOUR mean literary or educational success
SEEDS are new beginnings
TREES AND PLANTS mean growth, flourishing, friends and good fortune
HOUSES mean stability and protection
FLOWERS AND BOUQUETS mean celebration, joy, prosperity – and maybe marriage
SHIPS mean riches are on their way
PLANES mean travel
BALLOONS AND KITES mean your wishes will come true
BIRDS mean new opportunities.  The fuller the plumage the better although if the bird is looking down it’s is not so lucky
CROSSES mean troubles and losses
FISH AND BATS mean an increase in income
FLAGS mean victory
UMBRELLAS mean protection from an accident or mishap, as does a TURTLE/TORTOISE
HORSESHOES AND HORSES are generally lucky, especially financially
LEAF means news is coming, often about something good.  Similarly a LETTER or SHELL
Clearly there are countless other shapes that could form. Practice the oracle and you will find you read it more and more quickly and accurately.



Creating your own oracle can be interesting and revealing, and we’ve seen how you can do this with tea-leaves, a tea-pot and three cups. However, there’s nothing as enlightening as your own personal Reading, with an experienced psychic, so to find out accurate information about your life and future, put in a call today.


PUBLISHED: 23 March 2018

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