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Spells For Confidence and Ambition


Do you lack confidence? Maybe you have ambitions, secret or otherwise, that you long to fulfil. Sometimes there seems to be no way forward, and that’s when you need a little magical help.


Read about:
  • What a spell is and why it works
  • Spell for success
  • Spell for confidence


A spell simply means ‘spelling it out’. Don’t let anyone laugh at you for using candles, herbs and all that sort of thing. These can be seen as props getting the message through to your subconscious mind. A good spell helps you concentrate on your goal.
The magicians of old taught that to get ahead magically you should focus on what you want, not how to get it. This means that you have to be very clear about your aims and focus on them, rather than stressing about ways and means.  This has been repeated in many self-help books over the last few decades and corporate training programmes include instructions on positive thinking, using their own jargon.  In the end it all amounts to the same thing.
Of course, if you want a good job you have to look around, do a good CV and send applications.  If you want to study you have to research what’s available and put in for courses.  But it’s just as important, if not more important, to direct your visualisation with a spell or two.



Use this spell for success in a specific situation.  You will need a red candle (and, if possible a firework, preferably a rocket), a piece of ginger root, a pin or pointed knife, ground ginger, red or orange plate, paper and a red pen.
Light your candle and write what you want to achieve on the piece of root ginger – just put initials if you like.  The writing doesn’t have to be clear, as long as you clearly visualise your intention.  Fill yourself with the sensation of how wonderful it will be.  Sprinkle the ground ginger on the plate and write your purpose in that also.  Then write it on the paper, with the red pen.
Burn your paper in the candle flame, holding it carefully in tongs.  Or you can fix it to the rocket and imagine your success as you light the touch paper – or do both.  As the rocket soars into the sky, fill yourself again with the feeling of how wonderful it will be when you have what you want.  
Let your candle continue burning as you put your powdered ginger in your clothing or shoes.  Be careful the ginger can’t touch your skin, or it might irritate.  Put the ginger in your shoes if you’re running a race, for instance, or in your pockets if you’re going for an interview.  Carry the root ginger with you as an amulet and have it in front of you while you’re taking an exam, or on the dashboard for a driving test.
Every time you need a boost, re-ignite the candle.  Go off and conquer the world!


Confidence comes when you’re relaxed and have healthy self-esteem.  This spell will remind you that you’re unique and worthy of respect.
You will need a gold candle, a gold dish, orange oil, a tiger’s eye, topaz, sunstone or amber crystal, preferably set in jewellery.
Rub the orange oil into the candle (take care – this oil can be an irritant).  Place the crystal on the gold plate and put the candle in the centre, with the crystal close to its base.  Light the candle and say to yourself ‘I shine bright as this flame.’
Touch the gold plate with your fingertips.  Close your eyes and bring your awareness up to your head.  Imagine that you are wearing a shining coronet that radiates outwards, throughout your being, making all of you glow.  Feel this ‘crown’ drawing you upwards, so your spine straightens.  Feel the radiance filling your head, so your mind is clear.
Now imagine yourself walking into a room, head held high, surrounded by this glow.  Don’t imagine scary scenes or solving problems – just imagine yourself glowing.
When you’ve done all you can, raise your crystal to your head, to reinforce your visualisation.  Wear your crystal whenever you go out into any situation you find challenging, and touch it to your forehead whenever you need a boost.  If things get difficult for you, go to a quiet place, press the crystal to your head and imagine your crown radiating there.  Do this until you are calm and confident. 



Now you understand what a spell is and how it works, and you have a spell to perform for success and another for confidence.  These can help you enormously, but sometimes talking to someone understanding and getting their insight can help even more.  For this all you need to do is call one of our team of experts and receive a Reading to empower you.



PUBLISHED: 27 April 2018


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