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How to: Find your soulmate

Every month our How to advice column helps you with problems that can, at times, seem impossible. This month, our psychic advice guru, Jessica P, looks at finding the one.


I think it’s true that there is someone out there for everyone, but the soulmate connection is that very special connection – the one if you like. I liken the soulmate connection to the ying/yang symbol, what they lack you have and what you lack they have, so when you come together you make a whole.


One of the major beliefs about a soulmate connection is that the Universe is overseeing the union, but in order for this to happen we have to feel worthy of being loved. This is the key.


World-famous spiritual healer Louise Hay feels affirmations can really help with self-worth and finding your soulmate. She suggests the following affirmation that can be said daily: “I am love, I deserve love and I accept it for myself from others.” Writing this on a post-it note and sticking to your mirror can help remind you to say it every day.


 My top tips

  •  Get out and about, it is unlikely your soulmate will knock on your door, so get out there and socalise.
  • To meet like minded people, join a group or club that interests you. Be it a hobby, learning activity or something spiritual.
  • Look after yourself on a mind, body and soul level so that you are at your best when you do meet.
  • Lots of people meet online now so take the plunge and, if you haven’t already, join a dating site. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  • Visualise pulling gently on the silver cord from your tummy button as it is connected to your soulmate and they will respond.
  • Make sure your heart chakra is open by doing meditation or visit a crystal healer, make sure it is shining out rose pink light. Keeping the crystal rose quartz on you helps too.
  • Remember that confidence is the most attractive thing about a person. Believe in yourself and others will beleive in you.

Enlist a little psychic help.


A reading can really help give you clarity and insight into who and where your soulmate is. A reading will also make you aware of any blockages or obstacles that maybe preventing the connection from happening, so that you can make the way clear for that special someone to step forward.


“What is for you doesn’t go past you’’, therefore your soulmate won’t pass you by. Be open to love and love will always find you.


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