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The concept of reincarnation; that the soul is eternal and is reborn many times in order to learn and grow, has been a mystery explored by many cultures since the earliest known records from ancient Egypt. In modern times many spiritual seekers are exploring past life regression as a way to understand the journey of their soul from a spiritual perspective.


Take the help of therapist

Qualified past life regression therapists use hypnosis to induce a deep state of relaxation in order to access the subconscious mind where soul memories are stored. Once the appropriate state is achieved the therapist will gently guide you back beyond the time of your birth into a previous existence in another time and place. 
The therapist will then ask questions about what you are experiencing, being carefully to avoid leading questions that could colour your experience in some way. Convincing evidence that appears to prove the truth of the information gained in regression is well documented and widely available.
Investigation into your past lives can be particularly helpful in learning to understand who you really are and how you came to be this way. It can also help you to understand what is happening in your current lifetime. Reincarnation does provide answers to many of the life questions we struggle to answer. Many of us wonder why we react in certain ways to certain situations, when there is nothing in our current lifetime that can explain this. We do not always know or understand why we have certain preferences, beliefs or fears. 
Reincarnation can sometimes explain particular phobias. A traumatic experience such as drowning can carry over to another lifetime as a deep fear of water. A fear of a certain racial type can be rooted in an experience of persecution by someone of that race is a past existence.
The experiences of a past life can have a marked effect on the way we respond to challenges in our current lifetime. Many of the significant relationships in our lives have their roots in a past existence.
Answering yes to more than four of the questions in this simple past life test can indicate that an event, person or lesson from a past life is significant for you now.

Past Life test

  • Is there a particular culture that holds a deep fascination for you?
  • Are you often drawn to a certain period in history?
  • Do you have a talent that is not inherited?
  • Do you have a strong unexplainable aversion to a particular type of person, place or situation?
  • Have you often experienced déjà vu?
  • Have you dreamt of yourself living a life in a different body?
  • Have you ever felt that you “recognised” someone you have never met before?
If you are considering past life regression why not give us a call? Speaking to our expert Readers at TheCircle, who understand this process will give you some clear insight as to who you once were and what significance this could have for your life now.
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