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Crystals To Give As Gifts

Finding the correct gift becomes harder every Christmas. How can you give your presents that special touch and show you have thought deeply about what the person on the receiving end would want? Crystals have hidden properties, and in fact bring their own ‘gifts’. Each crystal is a gift within a gift. They are beautiful, but also spiritual. Tune in to what your friend or loved one really needs and they will have more than a parcel under the tree.
Learn about:
  • Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amber
  • Moonstone
  • Onyx
  • Turquoise




This beautiful purple stone is very spiritual and tranquil. It brings contact with the higher realms yet also promotes common sense. If you feel the recipient needs peace and quiet, if they are cut off from their inner self by the stresses and strains of life or losing their faith in the meaning of it all, amethyst would be a wonderful choice. Ii soothes and uplifts, and is especially good for sleeplessness. Place it under the pillow to cure insomnia, bring peaceful sleep and maybe prophetic dreams. Some beautiful amethyst ornaments are readily available in just the right size for a bedside table. For a budget gift a few amethyst tumble stones placed in a purple gauze bag would be ideal.


This delicate pink stone looks good enough to eat! It brings a gentle, loving feeling and is great for calming the atmosphere in the house – often much needed at Christmas! Rose quartz releases repressed emotions without strife and encourages trust and cooperation. It is a very romantic stone, so ideal for a friend who may be on the pull! It’s also the perfect gift for a couple setting up home together or anyone who wants to improve their domestic atmosphere. It promotes empathy, understanding and forgiveness, especially for people who need to forgive themselves. A rose quartz heart would look great on any mantle-shelf. Worn as a pendant it draws love and friendship.


You only have to look at amber to feel warm, on the coldest day. It isn’t really a stone – it is in fact the solidified resin of cone-bearing trees, holding within it the life-force of the earth. If a friend is feeling low amber can give them a lift and put a smile on their face. It’s a great choice for anyone who’s been depressed or suffering from SAD. Amber helps you make the best of yourself and look on the bright side. It banishes loneliness and boosts sex appeal. Because of its link with Nature it enhances sensual pleasure. All forms of jewellery are available in amber, but a ring is especially nice because you can look into it whenever you feel discouraged and be assured that the sun is on its way back into your life.


Connected to the Moon, this stone helps to develop psychic powers but it also has some very handy mundane uses, including help with gardening and dieting. Give it to someone who loves their garden, tell them to hold their moonstone and visualise the plants flourishing and bursting with fertility. For a person who wants to lose weight, moonstone can help to cut down after the festive season. It should be rubbed all over the body and then carried. Hold the moonstone whenever the urge to overeat threatens. Worn as a pendant it is most versatile. If you know someone who is going on a cruise in the New Year, moonstone is the perfect present to take with them because it protects travellers by sea.


This is usually black and so great for smart, understated jewellery. It is intensely protective, so give it to anyone who has to go into dangerous and challenging situations, such as someone who works for the emergency services. For anyone who has had trouble with neighbours, or been under any kind of threat, an onyx ornament placed on the windowsill will help send any negativity back to where it came from. Onyx can reduce the sex drive if worn for long periods, so it’s not for honeymooners! However, its strengthening, grounding qualities are perfect for anyone who needs to slow down and reconnect with themselves.


Traditionally, turquoise given as a gift bestows wealth and happiness. It’s a lucky stone, attracting money and friends. It’s a good choice for anyone who has been down on their luck or feeling poorly. As a bracelet it brings cheerfulness and optimism. If your friend needs a sum of money they should hold their turquoise bracelet between their palms and imagine the required sum arriving – this is especially powerful if you do it outside, look at the New Moon and then straight back at the turquoise. There is a New Moon on December 18th so this little rite could be performed quite appropriately until Boxing Day – and who knows what the New Year will bring!



We’ve looked at the special properties of amethyst, rose quartz, amber, moonstone, onyx and turquoise, giving you six very different stones to choose from. If you’re still unsure and need extra insight to tune in to the needs of friends, or if you feel you would benefit from some expert advice, our Readers are always on hand to guide you in the right direction, so put in a call and feel reassured.

PUBLISHED: 27 December 2017
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