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Contacting Your Ancestors And Their Wisdom


Halloween, at the end of October opens a season when the veil between this world and the Otherworld can be crossed, by those who are wise and willing. All Saints’ Day falls on November 2nd, and Armistice Day on November 11th – this harmonises with the ancient Celtic beliefs about the Dead and when it’s best to draw close to them. Your ancestors are beyond the veil, but they may be contacted, if you go abut this in the right way.




  • If you wish to make contact with your ancestors, it’s important to take the right approach.  Please remember these points:
  • The dead are invited to be present – you never try to make them come
  • However much you miss the deceased, try to keep your emotions out of the picture.  Strong need, or sorrow on your part may keep the spirit away.  In any case, it would not be right to manipulate a spirit to be present, through grief
  • If you wish to benefit from ancestral wisdom by asking a question, ensure this is a request that will enlighten and empower you spiritually – queries about winning the lottery or the private affairs of others, for instance, aren’t the right sort of subjects
  • Always protect yourself by invoking protection from angels, spirit guides or any protective spirits that you believe in.  Opening a doorway to the Otherworld has risks
  • Never use Ouija – the portals opened by this are very hard to control, unless you have an experienced medium with you (and such a person is unlikely to need, or agree to this)


To contact the Beloved Dead you need to set the scene, for what you are doing is an important ritual. Visualise a protective, sacred circle around you. First cleanse your sacred space, by lighting a joss stick and carrying it around, saying ‘May all impurities and negativity be cast out, in the name of the archangel Raphael and the powers of Air’. Carry a candle around and say ‘May all impurities and negativity be cast out in the name of the archangel Michael, and the powers of Fire.’ Carry around a bowl of water, sprinkling the space and saying ‘May all impurities and negativity be cast out in the name of the archangel Gabriel and the powers of Water’ and finally take around a rock or crystal, saying ‘May all impurities and negativity be cast out in the name of the archangel Uriel and the powers of Earth.’
Place your rock/crystal, bowl of water, joss stick and candle on a small shelf or box, which you can then use as an altar. This ‘altar’ should be roughly in the north of your working space. You should also have with you wine/juice, special cake and a picture and/or possession of the dear departed you want to call on. A figure of a protective deity or angel would also be good. If you are calling on the wisdom of distant ancestors, find something appropriate to represent them. Play music for meditation. Finally, place two black candles, forming two sides of a ‘doorway’ as it were, in the west of your working area.
(N.B. Black is not intended to be sinister – it is the colour of night, silence and mystery. It absorbs the visible spectrum, just as death seems to absorb those who have departed. All the colours still exist, just as the Beloved Dead continue to do. However, if you can’t help associating black with evil, use purple, or just the usual white)


Before you go any further, ask for protection. Do this in whatever way seems right to you. You will have already gone some of the way by calling on the archangels. You can ask each of these once more for their special protection, ask your spirit guide, guardian angel, any deity that you have an affinity with, or even your power-animal, if you have one.  
Once you feel protected, pick up the picture or possession of your ancestor, face the west of your area, relax and let yourself enter a meditative state.  Imagine the person, ask them to approach you, sending love and blessing. Have any questions you want to ask them clear in your mind.
You may feel a draught of cool air coming towards you, there may be a tingle down your spine, you may hear or see things, whether this seems ‘real’ or just appears in your mind’s eye. Quite likely you will experience an emotion, a memory may surface, or something apparently unconnected may pop into your mind. You may feel you have a clear answer to your question, or you may realise something else. Try not to interpret or analyse – just accept what you experience.
Stay for a while in quiet contemplation. There is no need to rush. When you feel ready, come back to everyday awareness, drink some wine/juice and eat your cake. As you do so, imagine you are sharing this with your ancestor. Keep some crumbs and drink to pour out onto the earth later, as a libation.
End your ritual by thanking the beloved dead for being present. Ask your spirit protectors to accompany them out towards the west, through the candle gateway. Now close the ‘gateway’ by bringing the candles together, as if you are closing a doorway. Thank the four archangels and your spirit protectors. Ask that you be returned, safe and solid, to the everyday world. Affirm that your ‘circle’ has dissolved.
Finally, write down what you have experienced and say a final prayer. In the coming days you may have more signs from your ancestors, so be aware.



We have looked at the ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s of calling on the dead, setting the scene and performing a simple ritual to make contact. All of this is quite a serious business. It’s possible you may feel disturbed in some way, puzzled or unsettled. If so, don’t worry. We have many expert Readers who can help you with any problem, so don’t hesitate to put in a call.


PUBLISHED: 18 November 2016

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