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Is your relationship at a crossroads?


There are times in every relationship when you reach a crossroads. If you’re in a long term relationship, you can probably remember some of the crossroads you’ve already dealt with, such as taking a partnership to the next level, meeting the family, moving in together.


Acclaimed love and relationships reader Jane T shows you how to listen to your heart and make big decisions a little bit easier.


Life and our relationships have chapters, and like nature around us, our lives and relationships are constantly changing and evolving. Crossroads are the ends of chapters and these are not necessarily endings of the story but another stage in our lives and relationships.


Relationship crossroads give us a chance to face fears attached to change and to deepen our relationships as we deal with the changes together. There are many crossroads within relationships that couples face. If we take the ‘ship’ in relationships, these crossroads can sail us into calmer, stormy, deeper or turbulent waters and sometimes into a different port entirely!



So is the ‘ship’ you are currently sailing at a crossroads?


 We all face them and a very important thought to hold onto is that you are not alone. There are many crossroads you may have to deal with in a relationship. Is this relationship long term? Are you destined for marriage? Are babies the right thing for you? Are you bored, uncertain, lonely, unsettled, unhappy or just frustrated ?Crossroads require decisions to be made and there are some important things to remember when we make them. No judgment is needed of us, or of others, and there is no right or wrong decision. We are unique beings with our own feelings and ways of reacting to life and so are the others involved. Nothing is ever a waste and our souls are learning at every stage of our life story.


All we really want to know is that everything will be alright in the end. The answer is – of course it will, as we are loved and guided on our life paths. The key is how we view the situation we face and handle the decision making. Our natural fear of change and making a ‘bad’ decision cause our emotions to go into turmoil. Let the ‘voice in your heart’ be heard and it will talk to you and lead you in the right direction. This ‘heart voice’ is our own guide, instinct, intuition and our path’s guidance. The ‘loudness’ of our emotions when we are under pressure silences this voice and that can also cause us to be frightened.





Change is a natural development of life.


As your relationship changes from dating to spending time together, you start to grow together. As your relationship deepens, then you commit to each other and form a lasting bond. If you decide to create a family together then many wonderful opportunities open up as you build a unit together. If your path has reached an end, then recognising the ending can also hold the essence of good and the sparks for a new chapter. Every connection, no matter how long it lasts, holds gifts for us all.



We have all learnt, developed, grown and given to each other during our time together. Recognising the gifts contained therein helps us to look at the happiness and move forwards to the new chapters opening up for us.



Give yourself a helping hand.



When you’ve got a big decision on your hands, psychic guidance can shed light on the situation and help you to find the answer. When it comes to relationship quandaries, a reader will tune into all the parties involved and all the layers of the situation you are facing. When you understand how things are sitting then you’ll be more equipped to make the decision.


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