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The Benefits Of Loss


The idea of losing what we value, from a beloved person, a treasured possession to our own health and strength can be daunting and depressing. However, there are many benefits to losses of all descriptions. So when you are fearing a loss, facing a loss, going through loss or getting over it, try to have faith. Many people find there are certainly plus sides to the process.
Learn about;
  • Gratitude
  • Strength
  • Personal growth
  • Compassion
  • Mindfulness




As we go through life there are so many wonderful things we take for granted. These may be big things like a good job, or small things, like a cup of tea or a beautiful sunset. When you lose things you value of course you miss them, and may only then realise how much they meant to you. This is sad, but it’s not the full story.
Often, when you suffer a loss, it enables you to appreciate what you do have. For example, people in concentration camps could be moved to tears of joy by the sight of a solitary flower, blooming amid the debris.
Appreciation leads to gratitude – that wonderful, warm glow that makes you a magnet for more enjoyable experiences. So, while you will always mourn the loss of the thing you treasured, your life will always be enriched by the gratitude you feel.


There is a saying ‘What does not destroy me makes me stronger’. When you experience bad times, your mettle is tested. Of course there may be days, weeks or months when you despair and feel life is not worth living. But somehow you deal with this. It may not feel like ‘dealing’ but it is. You find depths within yourself, resources that you never knew you had.
Once you have come through a significant loss, you’re a survivor. You may have endured something really bad – a nightmare, even. But the point is that you have come through it. For a while you may be depleted and drained, but actually you have proved you can cope and never again need you experience quite that helplessness.


When everything in life is rosy it’s easy to be superficial, to kid yourself that this will go on forever and not to ask yourself meaningful questions about your life and why you are on this earth. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, things are going well with your job, friendships, relationships….. What more do you need?  
Once you have experienced real loss, this makes you ask some very profound questions, and to go on asking. What is it all about? Life is to be enjoyed, it’s true, but clearly it isn’t just about having a good time. Loss can awaken your spirituality, making you weigh up ideas like karma and evolution of the soul. In the end, loss can make life seem so much more valuable, part of a wider universe in which there are other states of being, and so your loss can bring existence into perspective and expand your consciousness.


When you have just about everything you want, or at least the distinct possibility of getting it, this can make you blind to the suffering of others. At the most you have only a passing sympathy for their problems. It can be hard to imagine what it’s like to lose and to go through tragedy. Possibly in the back of your mind you may entertain the idea that a person’s misfortune is their own fault, in some way. Surely that couldn’t happen to you?
Loss sweeps away any such notions. You can then realise that bad things do happen to good people and that compassion and support are needed – because you need them! You learn to reach out to others, and by the same token you find that compassionate people are there to help you. Deep loss has a way of breaking down barriers. You may connect with individuals that in the past you might have ignored, but now your life can be enriched by mutual understanding.



When what you loved and valued is swept away and the future looks bleak, you always have the present. Mindfulness teaches you to focus on the moment, to be fully there in all your sensations, in your entire consciousness. Mindfulness stops you spinning out, imagining bad times to come or hankering after old times that are gone. The wisdom of mindfulness brings peace. You may not have had patience for it now, but loss steers you towards it and it’s one of its greatest gifts.



Loss has many gifts and we’ve looked at several. These include gratitude, strength, personal growth, connectedness with others and mindfulness. If you’re enduring loss, all of these can and will be a consolation. For individual encouragement and support through your loss there is always a listening ear and a wealth of compassion and wisdom available with our Readers so call today and feel your burdens lightened.
PUBLISHED: 19 March 2018


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