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How to be a witchy woman


Being a witch makes a universe of difference to your life. Why settle for endless groundhog days when you can manifest a magical future?

There are so many misconceptions about becoming a witch. It is not an inclusive club. Nobody has to join a coven, in fact the majority of bona fide witches work alone. Most witches cast their spells in everyday clothes - pointed hats have never been bang on trend for those in the know.


It will come as a big surprise to those that believe the hype about  the craft that witchiness comes from within. I wish I could wiggle my nose to get my rather untidy house, worthy of a domestic goddess, but it doesn’t work that way. Flying on a broomstick is so 15th century and open to the elements! Any self-respecting witch would prefer steering a car looking cool, calm and collected.

With a few simple preparatory exercises you can cast a spell with confidence. One of the most spellbinding lessons to learn is to become conscious and in control. If you hang on to negative habits or behavior kiss goodbye to a witchy future. All that will be achieved is more of the same inane and boring life.

Before using the spells listed below, build awareness by becoming more aware of your senses. Close your eyes and visualize five senses becoming stronger. Open your eyes and expect to see, hear, touch, smell and sense more. This strengthens your witchy antennae so that you know when to take action.

Make a magical daily link with the moon by sending a silver cord from your heart chakra to this mystical planet and feel its subtle energy fill your heart  with enchantment. 

When casting a spell its far more powerful if you write your own chant or incantation. Always write in a positive and life fulfilling way.

Magical makeover – We all feel better when we feel more glamorous. This spell allows you and those around you to see the very best in you. Run a bath and wash away the negative fears you hold on to about your physical appearance. Pamper your face and body with your favourite creams.

Ground and protect yourself. Pick a couple of colours that you associate with glamour. See these colours sparkle above your head. Slowly visualize them wrapping around your aura then flowing into your face and body. Make the colours really strong and vibrant, zip them to every part of your body and soul.  Feel that glamour pouring out!!Keep building your irresistibility by repeating this spell as much as possible.

Money spell – This spell really works! Get eight coins and wash them.
As each coin is placed on the floor chant “money on the floor brings money through the door” Leave the coins where they are. That’s all.

Another great money spell just needs a green candle, paper and pen, and an essential oil that resonates with you. This spell should be worked on a Thursday {Jupiter’s day} to maximize good luck and abundance. Make sure the moon is waxing.

Anoint the candle with the essential oil and then light it. Write a note or rhyme to Jupiter to bless you with financial abundance.  Read it out loud three times. Feel money coming towards you; thank Jupiter and the Universe for everything that is good in your life.

Love spell – to bring love in to your life. A full moon is the best time to cast this spell. Get a pink candle and carve a heart on it. Have your favourite perfume nearby.  Light the candle and ask Venus to bring the perfect partner for you. Spray the perfume around you, breathe in the fragrance and imagine your new lover beside you. Take your time feeling that amazing emotion of being in love. Leave the candle to burn down.

Have fun being a witchy woman!

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