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Take Charge Of Your Life Now

At times most of us feel life is running away with us. In fact you may have that panicky feeling that you’re pretty much out of control. Calm down. There are ways for you to feel serene and stable. Find out about:
  • Changing your inner landscape
  • Be self-aware
  • Follow your truth
  • Be genuine and passionate
  • Go with the flow
  • Value yourself



Of course you may be coping with a whole raft of problems connected with your job, money, where you live, health, relationships…the list goes on. In addition we are all bombarded daily with news of wars, crimes and economic hardship.
Record numbers of prescriptions are now being written for anxiety and depression. With modern media a whole world of misery arrives daily in our homes, while cultural pressures devalue spirituality, bringing the message that only the material is real. How can you find security with this all around?



Most of us live our lives from the outside in, influenced by external conditions, preoccupied with money, possessions and status. However, the wisdom traditions of the world take a different view. They teach a life path that comes from the inside out. Fostering inner peace and stability leads to a change of perspective, where love and light are the over-riding reality.



Yes, the answer to ‘control’ lies indeed with self-awareness. Don’t be frustrated at the idea you have to change yourself, because that’s your route to real power. Your restless mind is pushed here and there by your ego. We all have an ego and, to a greater or lesser extent the ego is insecure. To ‘control’ this insecurity the ego looks for reassurance from enjoyment, satisfaction, support from others or a chance to shift any feeling of guilt.
Because of this there is no inner stillness. Even if you quiet your mind, concerns often sink to a subconscious level where they cause  anxiety, depression and possibly physical symptoms. This may sound negative, but you do have choices – changing your consciousness will work all sorts of wonders.


Ask yourself, what is ‘real’? The world is composed of atoms, molecules, radiation and energies. It’s your wonderful mind that creates the world you see. Consciousness links the inner and outer worlds, so when you get control of your consciousness, then you truly control your life. You have a choice about how you perceive the world, and things change accordingly.
This sounds very mystical, but there are several practical things you can do, to help you shift into that state of consciousness and power.



That is your truth, not the truth, which makes the assumption that there is something outside you that is Truth, with a capital ‘T’. Seeking Truth in some teaching or dogma is disempowering. Finding your truth is inspiring and liberating. So always ask yourself what feels right to you, and act accordingly.




Most of us give in to pressure at least some of the time, showing ourselves as others want to see us. Try to be aware if you’re doing this. Is it really worth the strain? Are the people who approve or get impressed really the ones who should be running your life? Not if you want to be in control. So be yourself, as far as you can be, and understand that ‘being yourself’ is a journey – it’s okay to explore and change.




What matters most in life? Don’t waste your passion on status, bling and climbing up the corporate ladder. Let the causes dearest to your heart light your fire and empower you from within – but always be genuine. The ideas of others may inspire you, but don’t swallow wholesale the views of another, no matter how clever they appear. It’s your views that matter.




Use meditation, path-working or some spiritual discipline to take you inside yourself, so you explore your own essence. Try to let go of assumptions – that experience of existing as an eternal, unique being will come to you. Once you achieve this, you will know you are powerful, and that power can never leave you. Whenever you come up against a challenging situation, use your self-awareness to gain insight – don’t act from assumptions or conditioning. Contact that wisdom deep within.




Striving to control and direct your life can be totally counter-productive. Much better to accept and let go. See where the flow takes you, rather than swimming against the tide. Relax, and take circumstances as you find them – that way you’ll spot opportunities and be in harmony. You will see that your wishes are backed up by something much bigger than your individual ego – call it Mother Nature, God/Goddess, the Cosmos or Spirit.




However you appear to the world – or think you appear – you are valuable and unique. Nurture a sense of self worth that relies on a spiritual perspective, not on what you’ve achieved, etc. When you love and value yourself you feel powerful and positive – definitely in control of what matters.




We’ve looked at the elements of self control, changing your inner self, being genuine, truly passionate, self-aware going with the flow and valuing yourself. There are many clues here to taking charge of your life and feelings – however, it can be so hard to pull yourself up when you’re in a spin, all seems chaotic, and you’re confused and vulnerable. But try not to worry – our wise and practical Readers are always on hand with help, so put in a call today and set yourself on the road to mastery.



PUBLISHED: 29 November 2016

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