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Malachite Meaning and Properties


The malachite crystal is a beautiful green stone that looks just the like the nature that it sprung out of. While the green crystal is made of copper carbonate hydroxide mineral, malachite's dark green colour makes people think of the colour of (American) dollar bills and the awe of nature before they think of chemical compounds.


Malachite was one of the first ores used to produce copper metal, but now, it is more commonly used as a symbol of personal growth. Its wearers use it to bring on transformation and to better themselves.



Malachite Meaning


Green malachite crystals may have the colour of money, but the real wealth that these stones provide is of personal and inner value. The true malachite meaning is that it can support you in finding the wisdom to achieve your goals and better yourself. With malachite by your side, you can understand the difference between monetary and personal wealth, realising that money isn't everything, although it can better your circumstances. You can enrich your life with personal connections, friendships and romantic bonds before material objects.


Malachite is also known as a stone of transformation. In the same way that a seed grows into a beautiful and blossoming flower or how the leaves turn brown each year to pave the way for new, green growth some seasons later, the green of malachite and its connection to nature can help its wearers grow, too. 


The malachite meaning is also found in the name of the crystal. Malachite likely comes from the Greek word malache, which means mallow (a flowering plant with great, green leaves), or from the Hebrew for "moist, fresh, green". From its green colour to the name that it has been called for centuries, the malachite stone is connected to nature. This all helps its wears stay connected to nature, too, learning from the trees and the flowers how to grow, change, and become better. Plants are incredibly skilled at adapting to their environments and with malachite crystals by your side, you may find the strength to grow and adapt to your situations, too.


Malachite Healing Properties


One way that malachite is said to help its wearers with transformation is by allowing you to control the negative and positive energies that surround you. This is one of the most powerful malachite healing properties. Just like how plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, malachite can help you to absorb and produce the right energies for you.


If dealing with a stressful situation, such as a boss who will not listen to your ideas or a partner who dismisses you and treats you poorly, let malachite absorb the negative energy and allow you to replace this energy with strength and wisdom. It can leave you with space and room to grow and better tackle these situations, letting you get your voice heard by people who ignore you or giving you the strength to move on and find another route to happiness (this may be by walking away from the situation).


Your negative behaviours or attitudes may have been with you for a long time. They may seem like traditions and you may feel that you don't know any better. A useful malachite healing property for you would be its ability to get you to change these ways and take another look at your habits. You can break old patterns by opening yourself up to new information, new ways of doing things, and new empathy with others whether that be those who have mistreated you or those who you have mistreated.


Malachite Other Uses


One of the biggest malachite healing properties is in its ability to help you grow and change. This is a property that the stone has carried from nature. However, another use for malachite crystals is that it can be a protective stone that guards you against negative energy.  


Malachite crystals and stones have been used as a decorative item because of the way that they look. You can find them in mosaics and in walls of many homes around the world. However, you may also want to use the stone in decorations because of its protective aura. Malachite stones can absorb negative energy and so, if you are in the presence of negative energy (whether you realise it or not), it will absorb this. The malachite stone may then break and shatter, letting you know that you are in the presence of negativity.


You can also use malachite crystals to open yourself up to love and find a rewarding relationship. In the way that nature is connected with roots and soil, malachite can help to create a connection between you and another person. The conductive abilities of copper, which is what malachite stones are made of, is also useful for this. Wear malachite as a necklace (this will put the malachite stone near your heart) to use it for romance.


Jade from Basingstoke was having difficulty with her marriage. Her husband would not listen to her and she felt that she did not have the strength to make her voice heard. Using malachite and reciting daily mantras, she was able to find the power to say what was on her mind, transforming herself and her romantic relationship with the stone.


Published: 23 April 2019

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