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Healing Crystals


Few of us are free from ‘dis-ease’, and we don’t take time to listen to our bodies. A crystal may help you recover from the disturbance of modern life, coming to your rescue when you feel run down, have had to deal with people who drain you, or have just had a hard day. Healing crystals can be just what you need to enable you to recover from stress and illness.



Formed millions of years in the past within the core of our planet, crystals are gifts from the heart of the earth. They appear tranquil, but each one is a powerhouse of energy at a molecular level. Every different type of crystal has its own signature, that you can connect with intuitively. Crystals are used for a variety of spiritual purposes, and some are particularly good for healing.
Here is a list of some of the most common and easy to obtain crystals and their meanings and powers:
  • Amethyst – a beautiful lilac/purple stone, amethyst has no ill-effects or contra-indications. It brings peace and love of the more spiritual sort. It can help in overcoming alcoholism, bring courage peace and happiness and increase psychic powers
  • Aquamarine – this pale blue-green stone brings the soothing and purifying qualities of the sea. It can keep you mentally alert
  • Aventurine – a green stone that is generally lucky, speeds all healing and calms emotions
  • Bloodstone – green and flecked with red spots, this stone reputedly halts bleeding. It brings strength and endurance
  • Carnelian – deep red carnelian promotes sexual health, brings passion and energy. It was worn to prevent skin diseases, insanity and all blood problems
  • Citrine – this vibrant yellow stone stops nightmares and improves sleep
  • Rose Quartz – brings peace and inner contentment
  • Emerald – this brilliant green stone is good for the eyesight
  • Garnet – a deep red stone for energy, regulating the heart and blood
  • Goldstone – helps detoxify the body and supports circulations
  • Jade – brings longevity, guards against kidney and bladder problems
  • Labradorite – provides mental clarity and assurance
  • Lapis lazuli – a lovely blue stone, lapis helps all healing and relieves depression, as well as easing fevers
  • Malachite – clears out and activates the chakras, especially of the heart and throat
  • Peridot – this green stone promotes sleep, heals insect bites and liver ailments
  • Sapphire – soothing, deep blue sapphire is generally healing and good for the eyes
  • Sunstone – this brings vigour and general health
  • Tiger Eye – one of the most ancient gemstones, Tiger Eye can particularly help with psychosomatic ailments
  • Topaz – golden topaz relieves arthritis and regulates digestion.  It is good for weight loss
  • Turquoise – relieves headaches and generally removes illness from the body  


Almost any crystal can have a healing effect. The best guide in how to use crystals for healing is your intuition. Which crystal are you drawn to?  That’s probably the one to obtain, regardless of what any book may say to the contrary.
It is best to choose crystals from a shop rather than order over the internet, as you need to see them and tune in to them. There are plenty of shops selling a variety of tumble stones. Take your time, and after a while you will feel as if one (or more) of the crystals is calling you.
When you have obtained your crystal, cleanse it by holding it in running water – preferably in a stream. Or you could leave it in moonlight overnight, or in a bowl of organic brown rice. Throw away the rice after use.
Dedicate your crystal to healing work by lighting a candle and burning a frankincense joss stick. Hold your crystal in your left palm and imagine that light is streaming into it from above. Affirm that your crystal is now a channel for healing energy.
When you are ready to do healing, hold the crystal to the part of your body that is poorly and imagine the healing energies entering it. It is good to imagine yourself totally well, rather than getting better. You can use your crystal in the same way to heal others also.
After using your crystal for healing, always cleanse it once more and store it carefully, wrapped in black velvet and well away from sources of electro-magnetic energy.
Practice makes perfect. Once you know how to use crystals for healing you will find your own healing abilities flourish and become more effective.


Anxiety affects the mind and the body, and crystals, with their subtle effects, can ease both.  Many of the stones listed above can ease anxiety, especially amethyst and rose quartz.  Here are some other healing crystals for anxiety you can try:
  • Blue calcite – this peaceful stone is great if you’ve been going through stress. It helps you to be clear about what you feel, and why
  • Amber – strictly speaking, this is not a crystal but fossilised resin. It’s wonderful for depression, showing you the wider picture and cheering you up
  • Chrysoprase – beautiful, green and very soothing, this calms phobias and restores balance. It’s especially good for opening you out to the solace of Nature
  • Obsidian – blocks out psychic attacks and and can help eliminate tension and stress
  • Moonstone – this draws out your emotions, enabling you to go with the flow. It aligns body and intellect, so you know what is good for you. It gives you contact with that ‘still, small voice’ that can bring all into place
  • Tanzanite – this semi-precious stone can help open up the third eye and allow you to find inner peace
  • Tourmaline – By empowering the spirit, this stone can help sooth panic attacks and reduce anxiety


In this article we have looked at crystals and their meanings, how to use crystals for healing and healing crystals for anxiety. Hopefully you now have much greater ability to heal yourself. The gifts of crystals are subtle but powerful. Attune to your crystals and their energy will combine with yours, making you more effectual and influential.  Good health!
Published: 24 April 2019
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