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Five Steps to Personal Growth


What does your life mean to you? Is it just about making money and having a good time?  Or do you believe there’s something more?  Developing as an individual, changing, becoming more wise, more complete and more in touch with what we could call the spiritual – surely that’s what really matters.  A lot is said about personal growth nowadays.  By becoming more self aware we can cope with life better and be more successful.  But growth hurts.  The realisations and tasks that are necessary can be painful.  If you want your personal growth to be more than just a theory, remember these points.



Be Brave

One of the most difficult things to face in life is that you’ve got it wrong.  I don’t mean making the odd mistake.  Nor am I talking about all those areas that you know you struggle with.  You may breezily call yourself an ‘air-head’ because you forget to pay your bills, and laugh about the fact you sing off-key – you know you can’t be good at everything and you’re well aware of all the stuff you can do.  What’s very hard to accept is that somewhere, deep down, you may have characteristics you hate.  Do you rant about people that steal the limelight?  Hidden within you there’s probably a wannabe longing to strut their stuff.  Detest bossy types?  A sergeant major could lurk below your surface.  You may not be aware of this secret aspect, but other people may see it clearly.  The analytical psychologist C G Jung called it The Shadow.  We all have it and it comes from parts of us that we repress, because we are afraid, have been told its wrong, or whatever.  When you wake up to your Shadow, you can feel really horrible.  Am I really that bad?  You knew you had faults but this is worse.  Only when you realise that you are still lovable, and all the stuff you’ve repressed holds a lot of power can you really increase your strength.

Accept Change

None of us likes coming out of our comfort zone, but you may have to leave it behind if you’re going to progress. Whenever a chance comes up or a new realisation dawns, let it take you where you need to go.  Soon what seemed so strange will become familiar to you and will probably be a lot better than that old ‘zone’ that now seems more like a straight-jacket.

Surround yourself with encouraging people

Hang around with positive types and get away from those who don’t understand where you’re coming from or who criticise and undermine you.  This can be hard, because the negative people may be old friends.  As you evolve you may begin to notice this in a way you never did before, and you may have hard choices to make.  Can you progress if you’re with people who can’t accept what you are becoming?  Personal growth is bound to involve some relationship casualties, but you’ll replace them with contacts that make you much happier.

Accept difficulties

It may seem that all is going well.  You’ve learnt so much and you’re more powerful, more complete and ‘together’.  Everything has fallen into place and you see from a new and higher perspective.  Have you got The Answer?  No!  Something is sure to knock you back and make you realise you still have a long way to go.  That’s life, and you’re on a journey that has no exact goal – it’s moving forwards that counts.  No successful person has ever got where they are without failing lots of times.  Whether you’re building a business, starting a relationship or just exploring and developing the person you are – keep going because you’re worth it.

Never afraid to love

Love is the great binding force that holds the Cosmos together.  Love creates more love, like the sunshine falling on flowers it makes people blossom.  Love is non-judgemental – its message is ‘you’re beautiful as you are’.  Don’t be afraid to love and lose because there will always be someone or something else to love.  Above all, love yourself.  Once you can truly say that you do, your personal growth is flourishing. 
It’s not always easy to accept and deal with the challenges of growth.  That’s one of the many reasons we’re here. We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world.  Getting a reading could enable you to re-evaluate and get on track.  Put in a call today and be reassured and supported.
PUBLISHED: 20 January 2015


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