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Five Steps to Healthy Thinking


The way you think impacts on your health – that’s obvious.  Stress hormones have a bad effect and tension causes all sorts of symptoms.  But the end result of your thoughts may be even more radical.  Quantum physics is discovering that thoughts affect matter at a quantum level, and is even revealing that ‘thoughts are things.’  All the more reason to make sure your thoughts are working for you.



Stop Generalising

It’s all too easy to believe that everything is part of a pattern and that one thing always means another.  For instance, you don’t get one job so that means you won’t get any, if you failed one test then you’re going to flunk all the others etc. etc.  That kind of generalising comes partly from the desire of the mind to get one jump ahead, but in this case it’s working very destructively.  There is no logic at all to this sort of generalisation – it’s a recipe for doom because you are programming yourself to fail.  Learn to see every circumstance as unique.  It may help to remind yourself of the many, many times events do not follow the same pattern.  You will have a breakthrough – believe it.

Your life isn't a catastrophe movie

When things go wrong it’s all too easy to imagine that you are heading for total ruin, disaster and destruction.  This is called catastrophising.  You’ve lost one contract so that means your life is going totally down the pan, you’re going to lose your home and family and die in destitution.  Come on!  That sort of thinking can leave you completely exhausted, and its all fantasy.  Use your energies for working out strategies to improve matters, for there will be a way out of your situation.

Never insult yourself

Just because you’ve made a mistake doesn’t mean you should go around telling yourself ‘You’re an idiot.’  A bad hair day is no excuse for looking in the mirror and saying to your reflection ‘You’re so ugly!’  You’d never expect that kind of abuse from anyone else and if they said those sort of things you’d see them as very rude.  So be polite to yourself.  If you mess up say ‘That was a silly thing to do but now I’m going to put it right.’  Practice paying yourself compliments.  Tell yourself ‘Well done!’ now and again.  You’ll blossom!

Stop looking for clues

Do you try to guess what people are thinking and feeling by analysing gestures and facial expressions?  You are probably getting it wrong.  Your attempts are motivated by anxiety, and because you’re anxious you are likely to make negative interpretations.  So do something that makes you feel cheerful and forget playing Sherlock.  

Refuse to take things personally

Your friend seemed grumpy so you assume they’ve gone off you, your partner forgets to text so you believe they’re losing interest – thoughts like that are rubbish, and indicate a misplaced egotism.  It isn’t all about you!  People have moods, they forget things and they become preoccupied, so get over it and take a wider view.   
Controlling your thoughts isn’t easy.  Sometimes all the strategies don’t seem to work, or only work for a while. That’s one of the many reasons we¹re here. We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world.  Getting a reading could enable you to become more rational and positive, able to take life in your stride.  Put in a call today and be encouraged and supported.
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