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What is an Affirmation?

Positive affirmations can change our attitude and outlook on how we think, creating life affirming belief in ourselves…
With the stresses and strains of everyday life, most of us want to feel more in control and empowered in everything we do. Whether it’s a relationship with a partner or somebody at work, a distinct feeing of lack of confidence or belief in ourselves can sometimes overpower us. Many of us find it difficult to switch off at night, especially when we are tired and need a good night’s sleep. We may have random thoughts that appear out of nowhere, but most of the time our concerns and worries are linked to what is going on and the current situations in our life

Affirmations bring the subconscious thoughts to the surface and make them conscious…




The definition of affirmation is quite simply a positive and powerful statement that we can repeat either out loud or in our head. The statements are usually made up of words that are created to empower us and reassure us, therefore linking to our subconscious. Once the connection from an affirmation is in touch with our subconscious, it works to help us be consciously aware of how we think, how we operate and we carry out our daily business. Studies show that each of us have over 45,000 thoughts a day and 80% of those thoughts are fairly negative. Our brain has a Reticular Activating System which filters out any information that we do not need and leaves the remaining information to be processed. Our brain works out what really matters to us, our goals, interests, needs and desires. Affirmations bring the subconscious thoughts to the surface and make them conscious and therefore we become consciously aware of what we are thinking. Once we are consciously aware, we can try to adjust the conscious thoughts from being negative, to powerful positive thoughts.
Depending on what you want to achieve, you can write your own affirmations to suit your needs…



An affirmation can make you change your life because you are raising your awareness of your subconscious thoughts to a conscious level. Affirmations are not necessarily a guided thought process like meditation, they are personal and can be made up on the spot. Life affirming serves a purpose to what we want and need, and much like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, they help us to change our thought process. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can write your own affirmations to suit your needs. You can also suggest affirmations to friends, family or anyone who needs to start believing in themselves and thinking positively. An affirmation should not be said in what you hope for in the future, for example ‘I hope I can be successful at work’, instead it is said as if you are already where you want to be - ‘I am successful at work’.




Most of us could do with a boost of confidence, so affirming your beliefs in yourself is a great way to start. Some examples of affirmations could be similar to those below, but it is important to tailor the words to your own needs:
ABUNDANCE: If you are in need of more money to cover your outgoings, repeat the affirmation – ‘I have enough money for my needs’ or ‘I have enough money to live comfortably’.
WORK STRESS: If you are extremely busy with work and feeling tired and stressed, say the following affirmation – ‘I am handling my workload efficiently’ or ‘I am successful and productive at work’.
LOOKING FOR LOVE: If you are single and hoping to meet someone soon, look in the mirror and repeat – ‘I am confident and in a loving relationship’ or ‘I am experiencing new love’.
DIFFICULTIES IN MARRIAGE: If you and your partner are stuck in a rut, repeat to yourself – ‘We are happy and have learned to communicate well’ or ‘Our marriage is stronger than ever before’.
WELLBEING: If you are wanting to try to be healthier or to give up bad habits, then saying the affirming statement will help – ‘I am healthy and relaxed, I feel energetic and happy’ or ‘I feel so healthy and I look great’.
FAMILY: If you are worried about someone in your family or a friend, then say this this affirmation – ‘They are happy and calm, and they feel loved’ or ‘they feel positive energy and everything is good’
To affirm something is to state it as true, so saying an affirmation is making a formal declaration to yourself…



Affirmations are anything you want them to be. They can take time to start to process and may not give you an instant boost, but they will certainly change your way of thinking. If we all learned to think more positively and not to let negative thoughts take over, then the world would be a different place. To affirm something is to state it as true, so the definition of affirmation is making a formal declaration to yourself and to the universe about your intention. It is, if you like, a verbal visualisation that really takes hardly any effort at all. Affirmations will help you if there is something in your life that you want to change. Perhaps it is your job, your relationship, your home – or maybe you want to get healthy or feel more in control with your time management.





Visualising your future is certainly a positive thing to do. It gives you focus and a goal to work towards and will eventually start to create the foundations which you can build on. If you need reassurance and guidance for your future, speak to the UK’s most gifted Psychics, Clairvoyants and Mediums at TheCircle. Focus on the choices that you have and let us help you choose the right path.



PUBLISHED: 25 August 2016

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