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How to ... stop worrying and start living


Sometimes we find ourselves saying “what if”, “if only” or “should I”, such questions leave us feeling tense, nervous or confused about how to get what you want, to feel happier or have peace of mind. The Vikings have a saying “The man who lies awake at night and worries wakes in the morning tired with his worries just the same.”


Recognise that worry never solved a problem


Listen to your thoughts and worries and you will notice that they often focus on what it is that you don't want or are negative rather than focusing on what you do want. It is perfectly normal to be concerned or to worry about things to a certain degree. When those thoughts affect our sleep, our attitude and our general happiness something has to be done. Worry causes stress and stress affects our mood, creates problems and this can spiral downwards in a funnel of despair.



Focus on what matters for you


Once you stop focusing on the things you don't want and start working towards what you do, this cycle can be avoided. Develop skills and strategies that allow you to identify and stop the cycle before it funnels down. Recognise your feelings, a warning sign if you will, identify that source of worry so it can be dealt with. Identify what it is you do want for example if you want to change behaviour rather than thinking “I don't want to behave like this” focus on “I want to be in control of my thoughts and feelings”.



Stop thinking, Start doing


By identifying what is important to you and what you do want you can then focus and decide what kind of action you can take. Even the smallest step towards your new goal is better than sitting around worrying. Once you take action you won't have time to worry. Focusing and working towards the things that you really want releases you from the unproductive worry cycle and sets you on your path to the life you truly want.



The fabulous tarot readers at TheCircle can really help you focus your thoughts and feelings and allow you to see how this path can open up for you, leaving the anxiety and worry behind, creating that feeling of contentment that allows you to enjoy the good times and cope with the more difficult ones. That time for change is now so call them today.


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