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Your Pet's Horoscope - Discover the Star-Sign Characteristics of Your Pooch or Puss


Do you like to know the star-sign characteristics of partners, friends and family?  People are very often typical of their sign, and it helps in understanding them.  But did you also realise that animals are influenced by their sign too?  All you need to know is your pet’s birthday, to get a deeper insight into their nature, and what they offer you.





This pet is ‘on a mission’.  Cats are avid mousers, dogs are the most single-minded on the track of a scent.  Because of this they can get in trouble, maybe shut in the wrong place or into fights.  Sometimes it seems they fear nothing – that’s just because they haven’t thought about it.  When they’re hungry, feed them immediately – it’s just not worth the trouble keeping them to your schedule.  If nothing lights their fire, this pet can be very lazy!  But they will love you fiercely.  They suit a more active owner, especially Sagittarius, or Gemini.





Creature comforts rule!  These are snuggly pets who love their spot by the fire.  Cats and dogs both like their own seat and may try to nose intruders out of the way.  Mealtimes should be on the dot, or you’ll know about it!  Your pet appreciates The Best but may not be too keen on new flavours.  If you’re the nervous type, this pet can calm you down, but if you need exercise not so good because if Taurus dog doesn’t want walkies, forget it!  Great for Virgo, Cancer and Pisces.





Curiosity killed the cat?  Hope not, or Gem cat will soon use up its nine lives.  Dogs are just the same, pushing their noses in where they aren’t supposed to be.  This pet loves visitors and will try to sniff out their belongings and maybe sneak into their car!  If this dog is ignored it’s capable of barking non-stop, and puss will meow in your ear if needing attention. Lively and amusing, you’re never quite sure what your Gemini pet will do next!  Great for Sagittarius, Aquarius and Leo, and will cheer up gloomy Capricorn owners!





Sensitive and home-loving, this pet won’t take kindly to being left at the Kennels, so arrange house-sitters when you go away, if possible.  Your Cancer pet thinks you need protecting, and loves to be close to you.  Gentle Cancerian pooch can nonetheless be a great guard-dog and Cancerian moggie will defend the cat-flap against intruders.  This pet can be moody and they may be especially restless at Full Moon.  They sense your moods too, and will try to cosset you.  A lovely pet for Taurus, Cancer and Pisces, and very soothing for Virgo.




This cat think’s it’s Simba and this dog will be Pack Leader unless you gain respect by being firm and determined – in which case Fido will be a devoted and dignified second in command.  Leo pet is monarch of all it surveys, scorning food that’s less then top quality and expecting due attention, although these animals may be too proud to prod and push.  Instead they have a way of looking important!  However, they are also very playful and affectionate, great for Sagittarius, Aries and Gemini, but also a reassuring pet for a mistrustful Scorpio or edgy Pisces.



Make sure this pet’s feeding bowl is clean, and the water always fresh – we’re talking picky!  Sometimes the favourite food may be left with a sniff and your pet will pester you – for what?  Finding their preferences isn’t easy, but when you do you’re rewarded with lots of cuddles.  Virgo pet can seem on edge for no reason – be patient because they are smelling something you can’t and will soon calm down.  This is a tactile furry friend, who will always know when something isn’t as it should be, from intruders in the house to you being on a downer, and will do their best to put things right.  A great pet for Capricorn, Scorpio and Taurus.





Enter Aristocats and Princely Pooches – this animal has a special ‘something.’  It has a way of getting on the right side of people and is eternally made a fuss of and offered treats.  However, you won’t always be sure what this pet wants – walkies or snuggles?  You may find yourself standing by an open door while your cat or dog considers the weather.  Libra pet has a lovely, serene vibe, but you must always treat it fairly – never give another animal more attention.   Its quiet acceptance of all but the most annoying circumstances makes it a calming companion for Sagittarius, Gemini and Leo.





Your pet is passionately devoted to you, but won’t always show this.  In fact you may get the cold shoulder at times and find yourself scrabbling for tasty morsels to wheedle yourself back into this animals good books.  Leaving them for too long could result in a mega-sulk.  But if you’re ever threatened, emotionally or physically, this pet is a fierce protector.  In fact their reactions to people are an accurate indicator of how well-meaning they really are – so be warned!  Great for sensitive Cancer and Pisces, good news for Virgo and Capricorn, too.





Not for the faint-hearted, this pet needs freedom to roam.  Cats need perpetual access to the cat-flap and may disappear for days.  Dogs strain at the leash and bound into the distance whenever possible.  Yes, they get into scrapes, but Lady Luck is always their friend and they get rescued, unscathed, only to launch themselves at adventure again.  This is the most forgiving pet – they hold nothing against you because there are more interesting things to do than sulk.  When at your side this pet is so cheerful and affectionate, you can’t be cross.  Suits Leo, Aries, Gemini and the more laid-back kind of Pisces.





This cautious pet won’t lavish affection until they’re absolutely sure of you, so be gentle and patient.  Unfamiliar food may be shunned.  Your dog will take its ‘duties’ very seriously, so be grateful for all the retrieved sticks and barked-at vans.  Puss will bring ‘presents’ of dead birds – these animals want to earn their keep and your respect, but they can also be very playful when in the mood and can make you laugh.  They’re more sensitive than they appear, needing lots of praise and petting even though they shy away at times.  Good for Taurus, Virgo and an understanding Scorpio.





There’s often a quirky look about this pet – unusual markings or tufts of hair that are endearing and distinctive.  All visitors are favoured with the same friendliness, but your pet will shy away from too avid cuddles.  With an unpredictable appetite, habit of sleeping in strange places and generally wanting to be in when they’re out and out when in, you never quite know where you are.  Aquarius pet will seem not to need you at times, but even though they may surprise you, they aren’t so keen on you surprising them.  A real ‘character’, great for Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries.





Your pet will sense atmospheres – don’t tug your reluctant pooch when they’re holding back.  Instead, keep away yourself, for this sometimes nervous pet knows a thing or two about ghosts and dangerous people.  If they go off their food, something’s probably worrying them.  Pisces pet is especially loving when you’re sad or ill and will shower you with loving purrs or lay their head on your lap.  They suffer with you, and will come between you and any threat if they possibly can, so give them lots of TLC.  Perfect for Cancer, Capricorn and Scorpio.





In this article we have looked at your pet’s horoscope, helping you to understand your furry friend and get the best from them.  Pets usually bring joy but sometimes there is worry or sorrow, when a pet is ill, lost or dies.  If this happens, you are not alone.  Our empathic readers understand how you are feeling and can bring you strength and encouragement, so call us without delay, to be consoled.




PUBLISHED: 30 May 2016

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