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Venus Conjunct Neptune


Romance is really in the air this February. Not only will lots of people be celebrating Valentine’s Day – there will also be the conjunction of two dreamy planets creating a loving vibe. Venus rules love and Neptune rules fantasy. In February they will be working together – but how will this affect you? Keep your head in the clouds, your feet on the ground and find true love with our sign by sign guide.




Love waits for you in places that may surprise you, such as hospitals and other helpful institutions. The surroundings may not always be cheerful, but deep down the feeling is caring and compassionate. You’ll also attract love by being supportive and putting the welfare of others before your own. STAY ON PLANET LOVE by keeping concern for others in proportion. Don’t give more than is comfortable and beware people who may be manipulative, or secretly working against you. Up-front, kind yet firm – you can do it.


If friends want to play cupid, let them! When people know you well they may be a better judge of what’s right for you than you are, so don’t be stubborn! Social occasions and group outings offer lots of opportunities for you to meet someone special, so put on your pulling shoes. If you’re hitched, going out together with mates will be extra fun. STAY ON PLANET LOVE by remembering that chemistry is only part of the picture. Friendship also counts for a lot in romantic relationships. Enjoy all the interests you have in common and be mates too.


Many romances start in the workplace, so make sure you look your best while concentrating on your career. If you don’t have a career, look out for eye candy anywhere you’re following your aims and objectives – even the hairdresser! If you’re already with someone then pursuing goals together will bring you closer. STAY ON PLANET LOVE by not being prepared to abandon all for love. Other things are also important to your fulfillment. Any relationship that’s right for you will support your ambitions, not undermine them.


It’s a great time of year to book a cheer-up holiday, and the good news is travel agents, airports and all venues connected with long distance travel are lucky for love. If you have a partner don’t miss the chance to book a getaway together. Spiritual locations like churches, mosques – even stone circles – promise excitement STAY ON PLANET LOVE by keeping in mind your deeper values. Sharing views on the meaning and purpose of life will bring you closer, whether your relationship is new or established.


Square up to anything that’s been bothering you. It may seem like the last way to get romantic but you’ll be surprised at how facing your fears can lead to love, or deepen an existing connection, so be brave! If you’re in therapy or committed to self-awareness, that will boost love-links old and new. STAY ON PLANET LOVE by being totally honest about your emotions. Pretending to feel what you don’t feel, or vice versa, won’t bring you fulfillment.


Fairness is vital in any partnership, but remember that ‘fairness’ may not be about giving and doing exactly the same. It’s more about each person being valued for their uniqueness. See the true individual in your lover, whether you’ve just met or are living together, and never be picky. STAY ON PLANET LOVE by talking about what you want and always meeting the other person half way. Never lose your cool – staying calm will maximize your charm.


The daily grind can be boring but keep an open mind. Romance could arrive at the bus stop or in the supermarket, so always believe in magic. If you’re hitched, find ways to bring romance into your routine – think love-notes in lunch-boxes and sexy texts. STAY ON PLANET LOVE by realising the little details matter and giving them extra attention. Treat yourself to some new fragrance and/or a trendy top. Care with grooming comes naturally to you – keep it up now.


Theatres, playgrounds, clubs – anywhere you can let your hair down rocks for you this February. Your inner child can connect with the inner child of someone new you meet and sparks could be ignited. If you’re in a partnership, just fool around together and smile! STAY ON PLANET LOVE by refusing to get too heavy. Yes, strong passion can sweep all away, but lightness and humour keep the heart racing too. The couple that plays together stays together!


Put aside that impulse of yours to escape and head off into the blue yonder! What you need is close to home and may come to you through your family. If you’re coupled-up, time shared with relatives can warm your heart, so forget those ‘in-laws’ jokes! STAY ON PLANET LOVE by understanding that you need security as well as excitement. The ‘gypsy rover’ idea may seem thrilling, but passion can die in a cold tent! In other words, someone who really loves you will want you to be safe and comfortable. Don’t settle for less.


If you can’t think of the right things to say, enlist a witty friend to slip you chat-up lines, and pick Valentine Cards that express exactly how you feel. Always be patient about discussing things with lovers new and established. STAY ON PLANET LOVE by remembering that a fit body isn’t everything. The mind may be the most erogenous zone, so only settle for someone who stimulates your grey matter. If you’re committed, that’s no reason to stop exchanging views.


The best things in life are free, it’s true. But the second-best things have a price tag. These include flowers, chocolates, jewellery and a host of little surprises that need not break the bank but are ways to show you care. Give thoughtful presents as tokens of love. STAY ON PLANET LOVE by accepting that money is a very important part of all relationships. If you’re hitched, be prepared to discuss it up front. With a new Valentine be generous but don’t bankrupt yourself. You can’t buy people – but you know that!


If you’re a true Pisces you see magic everywhere. If you’re a Pisces that’s been hurt you may be cynical, but it doesn’t suit you. Really there’s enchantment everywhere for you now, so believe in better and you will attract it – honestly! STAY ON PLANET LOVE by having faith, looking for the best in everything and visualizing what you want coming into your life with partners new or long-standing. But do not be a doormat or your fairy-godmother will get fed up with you and your chariot turn into a pumpkin! Look after yourself and the world will look after you.



Hints from the stars are always a bonus but nothing can compare with a personal talk with one of our wise and encouraging Readers. So for a major boost to your love life, call today!



PUBLISHED: 28 February 2018

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