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Understanding the Taurus Man


Find out how to attract a Taurus man, understand the key traits and the Taurus man in love

Being in love with a Taurus man can bring all the security, happiness and love that any woman wants in their life. Dating a Taurus is like living in a calm whirlpool of ever flowing romance surrounded by the respect of a true gentleman. He is a charmer and he flirts with a seriousness, making him stand apart from any man who is just interested in a bit of fun. His intent is clear, yet he’s not likely to pick you up and drop you when he’s had enough or is bored. When a Taurus man is attracted to someone, he thinks long and hard before even making any attempt to ask her out on a first date.





The Taurus man can be a little shy of emotions, so he is more likely to show his feelings in gestures rather than tell you in words. He is supportive and protective of anyone he loves and cares about, but he can be very stubborn and may not want to enter in to any confrontation or discussion, because he truly feels he already knows what’s best. The typical Taurus man profession would include anything technical at a high level. He has a deep interest and natural understanding for technology and likes to delve in to finding solutions, researching and proving his intellectual mind. A Taurus man profession could also include something in the arts as he loves culture and is naturally creative, so he would be good in music, art, performing, acting and film.
He is sexy, funny and sweet…





If you are interested in how to attract a Taurus man, then there are some key traits that you need to understand. He is sexy, funny, sweet and, although the Taurus man in love is not very good at expressing himself emotionally, he is a strong and consistent partner. He devotes himself 100% to his relationships and will be loyal and loving throughout, expecting the same in return. Yes, he can be stubborn, but he will show this in quiet moods, preferring to avoid confrontation and open discussion. He will buy special gifts for you and pamper you when you need to feel loved. He will prove his love for you through his dedication of time for your relationship. He may not overly express how he feels and it may take a little while when you are first dating for him to reveal everything about himself. The Taurus man needs to feel he can trust you implicitly before he bears his soul.





The Taurus man is easy going as a partner and will be 100% committed, so most star signs have a good chance for the Taurus man compatibility. However, the following will have more of a chance in a long-term relationship:

TAURUS & CAPRICORN – This can be a sexual and sensual match. Taurus and Capricorn seem to easily agree on the important things in life. An easy-going Capricorn will know exactly how to attract a Taurus man.

TAURUS & VIRGO – A somewhat old fashioned, safe and secure relationship. They totally understand each other and share the same ideas of romance happily. Their outlook on life is similar, meaning life should flow easily.

TAURUS & PISCES – Perhaps an unusual mix of earth and water signs, but this couple are good for each other. Taurus provides a strong foundation and security which Pisces needs. Pisces gives the relationship more sensitivity and a deeper understanding.

 He is definitely a keeper…




The Taurus man traits make him a real gem. He is gentle, kind and understanding and devoted to a relationship. Do you want to know how to attract a Taurus man? Find out about your future in love and relationship by speaking to the UK’s most gifted psychics at TheCircle. The Taurus man of your future may be just around the corner and if he is, he is definitely a keeper.



PUBLISHED: 10 May 2016



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