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What’s Going To Rock Your Boat With Venus Opposition Pluto?

Pluto brings deep upheaval and big surprises. When faced by Venus, the love planet, shake-up in love-life is on the cards. Not everyone will experience this in the same way, so check out our sign by sign guide and find out what preparations you need to make to hang on to your ‘happy ever after’.



Demands in the career and long term plans of you and your loved one could disrupt your domestic happiness. It could be hard to settle and rows could occur over work/life balance. Review your priorities and take on board the fact that however much you’re driven to succeed it will all be worth nothing if you jeopardise your romance. TOP TIP Make time for intimate dinners and quiet chats at home.


It’s not generally in your nature to get wanderlust, but a strong yearning to travel and generally to experience something new and uplifting could be hard to communicate to your nearest and dearest. It’s vital to try to talk this through. No need to be too rational – speaking of your emotions will seem much more sincere. TOP TIP Reassure your partner or close friend that you care for them and give frequent tokens of affection.


There are some emotions that none of us like to admit to. Jealousy is one of them and it’s your pet hate, so it’s not nice to realise that you do have a possessive and even controlling streak. Some very powerful feelings could rise up within you. Don’t try to deny them – you’re only human and being honest will be very endearing. TOP TIP Enjoy creature comforts such as spa days and retail therapy with your ‘significant other’ and keep your mind in the moment.


You could experience some quite manipulative behavior on the part of someone close, as if they’re trying to get power over you. You might want to give in just to please, but then you’ll get more of the same. Remember that loving yourself comes before loving anyone else and is the basis for any healthy relationship. TOP TIP Be charming and reassuring, but don’t compromise yourself.


There are practical tasks that everyone has to deal with, daily. They are necessary, it’s true, but often they can be put off or you could take short cuts. So don’t become obsessive about dotting ‘I’s’ and crossing ‘t’s’. It’s possible you could set yourself diet and fitness goals at the expense of relaxing with those close to you – don’t go there. TOP TIP Remind yourself to be grateful for all you have and let go of perfectionism.


Much of the time you’re inclined to take a back seat, but if you do that now you’ll be very resentful about people who have the spotlight and you deeply desire the admiration of your lover or friend. Strut your stuff and strike a balance between self-importance and proper pride in yourself. TOP TIP Get the support of your friendship group – why shouldn’t you have cheerleaders?


At home there’s lots to contend with. There may be struggles within the family or upheavals connected with where you live. It could be hard to feel confident about the impression you’re giving when your roots are shaken up, but this isn’t going to be as obvious as you fear. TOP TIP Have a makeover and treat yourself to new clothes to sharpen your image.


Ideas and opinions that you’ve held dear for a long time may now seem questionable. The best thing – and the bravest – could be to admit you’re wrong and rethink. However, you may want to argue, trying to convince yourself you’re right by shouting down disagreement and this could play havoc with relationships. TOP TIP Learn new concepts along with your lover at talks and workshops and find spiritual bonds.


Upheavals in your finances – losses or gains - could cause you to become uncharacteristically mean and controlling with money. To avoid resentment you must face up to what’s happening and make plans. Together you can find other resources if necessary and creating a new income stream will bond you together. TOP TIP Be generous with your time and your kindness whatever you have in the bank.


Pluto is moving through your sign bringing radical personal changes and this could mean that you shy away from closeness, believing you can’t be understood or that you’ll be interfered with. Rest assured that you are master of your own destiny and can be your true self – in fact you can only achieve this if you relate to others, for no-one is an island. TOP TIP Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and be gentle.


If it seems you have concerns that are much deeper and wider than personal romance, think again. You may feel overshadowed by your past and some dark experiences, but the best move to counter this is to create your own little oasis of love. You will realise things are not as bad as they sometimes seem. TOP TIP Enjoy doing normal day-to-day things with your dearest. Delight in nature and stay grounded.


It’s natural for you to be concerned with humanitarian matters, but there’s a limit to how far you should become involved. If you’re tempted to abandon normal life and devote yourself to charity, remember this won’t only affect you. Don’t you owe something to those who love you? Who nominated you to save the planet? TOP TIP Stop being so very serious and have fun!



Now you’ve checked out what’s in store for your sign, and hopefully your loved ones too. This will prepare you for any challenges. However, for more detailed advice phone one of our expert Readers and get the guidance you need to keep your life contented and fulfilling.



Published: 05 June 2018

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