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The Lunar Eclipse



On September 28th there is a total eclipse of the Moon. This means that Sun, Moon and Earth come directly into line, and the Earth cuts off the light from the Sun, so the Moon goes dark. Lunar eclipses can only happen at Full Moon and if it is a clear night you will be able to see the Moon go dim - it usually turns blood red. This phenomenon takes place at 2.52am GMT – so if you want to see it happen, you need to stay up on 27th and keep an eye out!


In olden times, eclipses were greatly feared, and the red colour of the Moon presaged war and bloodshed. These days we aren’t so dramatic in our interpretation. Some of the dread of eclipses would have been practical, for without electricity the light of the Moon would have been valuable. However, there was also an awe of celestial phenomena that we have lost today. Now we believe we know better and are in control – but is that really the case?


The Moon has been seen as a Goddess, as she reflects feminine cycles. However, many cultures have also seen the Moon as a god, for instance the Japanese, the Native North Americans and the Australian Aborigines. So eclipses were seen as messages from the gods. The Aborigines believed that a lunar eclipse was an omen, meaning that someone on a journey had met with a serious accident.


There is a wealth of evidence, much of it anecdotal but also some scientific, that we are affected by the phases of the Moon.  Animals, birds and plant life also respond to the cycles. The Moon pulls the oceans into tides and is closely associated with the Element of Water, even though the actual Moon is an arid body.  Eclipses affect plant growth and water uptake, disrupting the usual cycle of the phases. With Sun, Earth and Moon in line, the gravitational pull is strong, and this can be unsettling.


The Moon is linked to feelings, emotions, moods and responses.  Even though the actual eclipse only lasts for minutes, it can have effects that endure much longer – in fact you may be aware of them for up to a week before and after the occasion. Lunar eclipses can have a muffling effect – you may not be as enthusiastic or as sympathetic as you usually are. But it’s also possible that the disruptive effect could make you extra sensitive.  If you have any form of mental or emotional problem, take special care around the eclipse and look after yourself. The great thing about astrological events is that they pass. The lesson from this is that all things pass, so be patient.


Countries have charts too, usually drawn up for the time the constitution was formally adopted. Eclipses have an affect on a country, depending how they activate the chart of that country. So will this month’s Lunar Eclipse be felt in the UK? It occurs close to one of the important angles of the chart, called the Descendant.  This area of the chart refers to relationships with others and may herald problems in the UK’s interaction with Europe. This, of course, can already be seen, and it is typical of eclipses to be felt before they occur.


Each of us will feel the eclipse in our own way. If you wish for accurate and highly personal insight into the effect of the eclipse, please contact one of our Readers, particularly one of our Astrologers at TheCircle, who can interpret your chart. For a more general heads up, here’s how each of the signs is likely to react. 
ARIES: The Lunar Eclipse falls in your sign. This could be disorientating and you may not be quite sure how you feel about things so put off committing yourself for a while.

TAURUS: The things you do for others may not bring the reward you expect. Be careful a good deed doesn’t backfire and don’t spend too much time alone.
GEMINI: Friends may be disappointing and social events could fall flat. Double-check arrangements and make sure your expectations are modest.
CANCER: Because you’re ruled by the Moon lunar eclipses may affect you more strongly. Some of the oomph will go out of your career and public image, and you’ll find it harder to pour your creativity into it effectively. Take some time out to reflect.
LEO: Long journeys could go slightly haywire. Don’t take chances and don’t get down if your faith deserts you, because it will come back.
VIRGO: You may be afraid of revealing some of your secrets. It’s a good idea to be careful whom you talk to and be wary of gifts you receive. Try to get to know yourself better, and forgive yourself.
LIBRA: Relationships are challenged and you may not be quite sure what you want, or what the other person has to offer. It may seem as if there’s no way out – but there will be.
SCORPIO: You’re all out of synch with your routine and any health-and-fitness regime is likely to hit the skids. Go easy on yourself for now.
SAGITTARIUS: There’s just not much fun to be had for a while.  Children could be disappointing in some way. This isn’t playtime, so try a little graft for a while.
CAPRICORN: Home life is unstable, and it may be unrewarding.  You’re moving on in some way, but it’s hard to see where. There’s no need to rush into a decision – things will fall into place.
AQUARIUS: Watch out for all sorts of miscommunications and crossed wires. Double check any important facts and don’t be surprised if you’ve got brain fog!  Don’t over-think.
PISCES: Money can be an issue – funds you expected don’t arrive and expenses go up. This is partly because you’re being extravagant, so get your sensible head on.
Of course the Eclipse is only one of many factors that can affect you personally. More detailed and exact advice is readily available to you, however. Get free Horoscopes and Psychic insight at TheCircle. If you want to know more about yourself and your year ahead, call one of our expert Readers without delay.


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