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Celebrity astrology: Naomi Watts
Celebrity astrology: Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts was born in Shoreham, England on September 28th 1968. She has the Sun in Libra, sign of harmony and diplomacy. One of her best-known films is King Kong, where she starred as the fragile blonde beauty who charmed the most massive beast of all time. Naomi is much more than a pretty face, however. Like so many successful actresses she has hidden strength. Her chart is a ‘bucket’ chart, meaning all the planets are in a single hemisphere, except one. This lone planet acts as a handle to the ‘bucket’ and is tremendously powerful. Saturn, the Teacher is Naomi’s ‘handle’ meaning that she is motivated by practicality and ambition, and that she has the staying-power to see things through to their conclusion.


Early struggles

Naomi realises the importance of experiencing struggle. She says herself: “Pain is such an important thing in life. I think that as an artist you have to experience suffering. It’s not enough to have lived it once; you have to relive it. Darkness is not a pejorative thing.” Naomi’s father, who was road manager for Pink Floyd, died when she was seven. The trauma of this is shown by a square aspect from Pluto, lord of transformation and upheaval, to Naomi’s Moon. The Moon in the chart signifies feelings, responses and instincts. It also refers to home life and routine.


After the death of her father the family moved around England, before settling in Australia when she was 14. The challenge from Pluto brings an ongoing deep insecurity and fear, but also a determination to use whatever power she has as effectively as possible. When she came to Australia Naomi begged her mother for acting lessons, using all her Libran powers of persuasion. Eventually, after bit parts in commercials, Naomi landed her first film role in For Love Alone in 1986. However, it wasn’t until her appearance in the critically-acclaimed Mulholland Drive in 2001 that her talents as an actress were truly appreciated.


Present and Future


With her Venus in mysterious Scorpio, Naomi has shown a penchant for dark themes in such films as The Ring in 2002. Scorpio is also passionate, no surprise that Naomi was spotted smooching with her husband of seven years, Liev Schrieber, on holiday in Barbados recently. Could this have been at attempt to scotch negative rumours? With her optimistic Sagittarian Moon forming a flowing trine aspect to security-loving Saturn, Naomi is prepared to commit for richer for poorer and make the best of things.


The big news for Naomi currently is her up-and-coming stardom as the iconic Princess Diana, in Diana, to be released in 2013. With Saturn passing over her Venus, Naomi will command respect in this serious and dignified role. But whatever acclaim she receives, she will always prioritise deeper values. Like a true Libran she says “You have to make peace with yourself. The key is to find the harmony in what you have.” The inner balance that comes from having come through tough times and emerged triumphant is her greatest treasure.


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