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Is the Cancer Man the Most Romantic Sign?


Cancer man traits, knowing how to attract a loving Cancer man and what it’s like being with a Cancer man in love…


The Cancer man traits make him a sensitive creature, and somewhat reserved and shy when you first meet him. He is thoughtful, caring and loving once he has found the woman of his dreams. He is not interested in quick flings or satisfying a first attraction, he is far more of a man who wants a long-term loving relationship with a secure home life and children. The Cancer man in love is full of romance, he would spend his last pennies on a romantic bouquet of flowers for you. He is a gentleman, a good father and a true family man who will always know his priorities in life. The Cancer man traits prove he is a hard-working person who does not expect status and salary to come easily, he knows he has to work hard and will do so to support his family.





This man wants to provide the best possible life for his family and himself. He is focused on earning as much money as possible, while balancing his working life alongside his family commitments. The most desirable Cancer man profession will make him a good boss who inspires his employees to work hard and be loyal to the company. He may have moody days where frustrations easily get the better of him, but he will also be fiercely protective of those who show commitment. He can get stressed out over petty things, but will quickly calm down and be able to focus on the job in hand. The Cancer man profession could be almost anything, because once he is dedicated, he will prove his worth. An ideal Cancer man profession would be working in a caring community that motivates and inspires people, such as a teacher, doctor or nurse. A Cancer man would thrive working in management as he takes his job seriously and has a sense of fair play to his workers.
He is a down to earth, homely man, who is attracted to a woman because she may be the love of his life…




He is the Romeo, the man who thinks and feels deeply about love or potential love in his life. Cancer man traits make him sensitive, but he can be jealous and will need to be reassured that you feel the same as him, especially in the early days of courting. If you want to know how to attract a Cancer man, just be yourself. He is not blinded by people who put on an act, or those who are heavily clad in make-up or overly sexual clothes. He is a down to earth, homely man, who is attracted to a woman because she may be the love of his life and a potentially good mother for his children. He needs kindness, a sense of humour, and someone who will love him back just as much as he loves them. He does not like players, mind games or women who are overtly flirty.





He is a sensitive soul and therefore a Cancer man compatibility needs to be with someone who matches him in this way:

CANCER WOMAN – This can be a perfect match. Both understand each other completely, have compassion for each other’s needs and could fall deeply in love.

CAPRICORN WOMAN – The opposite signs that can create a devoted bond. Capricorn is a natural counsellor so will encourage him to talk about his emotions.

PISCES WOMAN – Both sensitive and emotional, these two will understand each other perfectly and could create fireworks in the bedroom!

SCORPIO WOMAN – She is the most confident of the water signs and will lure the Cancer man out of his shell. Sexy Scorpio will easily entice the Cancer man into the bedroom!

The Cancer man in love is one of the ultimate romantic signs…





He can be moody sometimes and occasionally jealous so he definitely will not put up with women who flirt with others! He is a natural worrier and will need to talk through his anxieties with someone who can offer reassurance and peace of mind, although you may need to encourage him to speak out. The Cancer man in love is one of the ultimate romantic signs. Once he has found you, he will love and adore you forever and he will make sure you know it. He is a traditionalist, so will happily play the alpha male role in your relationship, in marriage and in family life. He is at his happiest with his children around him and loves getting together with all his family. He will openly announce to his family and friends how much he loves you, and will never be embarrassed to prove it with public gestures. Treat him with respect, give as much love as he does, and he will be yours forever.





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PUBLISHED: 24 June 2016

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