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Happy Birthday Libra


Your birthday has come around and what better time could there be for taking stock.  Remind yourself of your talents, face your challenges and get set for a great year ahead.



You have a reputation for being the zodiac charmer, and usually its well-deserved.  You know just what to say to put everyone at ease and to calm down the situation.  Light-hearted, well-informed and entertaining, you’re everyone’s favourite guest, and when you invite mates round they know they’ll have an amazing time.  Friends are very important to you and you put effort into keeping your social circle vibrant.  You’re a great confidante, ready to listen and find ways round problems but never coming on too heavy.  Although you appear to be the most easy-going of peeps, you do have a sterner side – you have strong principles and you’ll speak out against unfairness of any sort because you just can’t stand it. 


You’re not keen on any kind of conflict but, because you have the ability to see both sides, you’re an expert peacemaker and skilled diplomat.  Beauty and culture are essential to your well-being – in fact anything squalid or messy can make you ill.  Mind you, this doesn’t mean you’re the soul of tidiness!  The grot may be shoved into cupboards and cleaning is a dab and a promise, but it all looks good!  So do you, because even if you weren’t born beautiful you know how to look attractive, stylish and trendy, and you move so gracefully it could almost be to music.  Speaking of which, you may well be musically talented, but even if you aren’t, you love it and your fave tunes are always playing when you’re alone.  You’re a true idealist – you don’t see why we shouldn’t build heaven on earth!  Your sign is the greatest civilizing influence, and you have faith in human potential. 


You are also a hopeless romantic, expecting your relationships to live up to a high standard of harmony and unity, and you’ll work hard to achieve this. However, you’re no pushover, and if something isn’t right you’ll speak up – in the nicest possible way!  Career-wise you shine in anything front-of-house, impressing the public and creating an amazing ambience.  But with you it isn’t all cosmetic – you have a sharp mind and are logical and rational.  Heaven help anyone who thinks you’re all fluffy bunny fripperies!  They can find they’re cut down to size by a clever remark, said with a sweet smile!  You have it all going for you Libra, but no-one resents you because you’re just so great to have around!


•    Saying ‘yes’ without thinking.  You need to watch this, as you know it gets you into trouble!  Because you love to please it’s easiest to agree without thinking, only to wake up to the fact that you’re committed to something impossible, or unpleasant.  You’re great at getting yourself out of sticky situations, but the stress! – who needs it!
•    Hating being alone – you don’t relish this and it can draw you into putting up with people you don’t really like and ending up feeling all out of balance, which you detest!.  Make sure you pick your friends with a degree of practicality, so you have someone nice around when you need them and always plan ahead for events and parties, so you have a mate to go in with.
•    Indecision – it’s sooo difficult to plump for one side or the other, especially when it could cause trouble.  Never mind, you’re expert at sitting on the fence, although it gets uncomfortable at times!  You could also miss out if you don’t sign up for stuff in time, so give yourself a talking to and focus.
•    Causing strife – yes, you did hear that right!  Believe it or not, peaceful Libra is also the sign of war!  That’s because when the Scales unbalance, they do so big-style!  Injustice will get you going, but sometimes if everything’s too bland you’ll come out with a mischievous remark just to stir it up!
•    Laziness – ok, hot and sweaty isn’t a good look, but there are some things you need to tackle, so plug in your Ipod and do it to music. 


The position of Jupiter in your Social House enables you to widen your circle of friends, to take part in more activities and also to be quite influential, if you want to be.  Fancy the position of Chairperson in some club?  This could be yours.  It’s likely that you’ll meet interesting people from foreign cultures or who’ve had fascinating lives, so learn from these and be enriched by the opportunities that come your way.  Take special care with communications of all kinds for the first part of 2015 and in September – do your homework and remember, least said soonest mended.  For the rest of this year and during June, July and August 2015 finances could be an issue, maybe because funds are low, or you’re faced with unexpected bills, or simply because you’re having to work hard to earn what you need.  Don’t worry, your efforts will be rewarded.  Your year ahead  promises to be inspirational yet satisfying – what more could you ask?

Of course the astrology of your birth sign can only ever be a background sketch.  More detailed and exact advice is readily available to you, however.  If you want to know more about yourself and your year ahead, call one of our expert readers at The Circle without delay.

PUBLISHED: 14 October 2014

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