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Aries Woman Love


Ms Aries has very strong feelings, which she often makes very plain.  Although she is an independent soul, she can also be hurt.
Aries is ruled by Mars and we all know that Mars was the god of war.  This certainly doesn’t mean that the typical Aries goes from one fight to another, but it indicates that Aries has a lot of energy to put into whatever she decides is important, and relationships are no exception.  Ms Aries is a very passionate lady, and a very determined one.  If she fancies some lucky guy she usually lets him know about it.  She’s capable of doing the chasing, although she would rather be chased.



Ms Aries can be very worldly-wise and capable, but at heart she is always something of an innocent.  Like all the Fire signs, Aries may wear her heart on her sleeve.  She is honest and up-front, and tends to assume that her lovers will be the same.  If she loves somebody she is prepared to take care of him, and even to bring home the bread – although she may be a trifle bossy on occasion!  She expects her lover to say how he feels and to mean what he says, and she is devastated by deceit and betrayal.  When forced to admit that things just aren’t working out, however, she will act decisively and move on, throwing herself into something else to compensate.  Even Aries can’t win ‘em all, but her pizzazz and intensity mean that she wins most of the time.


•    Getting a reaction – even a negative one is better than none
•    Openness and honesty
•    A challenge – as long as she wins
•    Strength of feeling in relationship


•    People who aren’t straight with her
•    Lovers who try to boss her, but also those who are a pushover.
•    Having her independence curtailed




Ms Aries is often active and assertive, and because of this she may appear down-to-earth.  Not so!  All the Fire signs need to have their imaginations appealed to, and to feel ‘special’


•    Don’t jump on her.  She may give the come-on but she expects respect.
•    Whatever she enjoys in her spare time, do it with her.  It’s a turn-on.
•    A show of strength (physical or mental) could do the trick, but make it casual.
•    Set the scene, red satin sheets, candles, morsels of spicy food.
•    Show you really, really want her.
•    Tell her where you’d like to take her, show her, do to her, so she knows your mind looks forward
•    Make it clear she can have her way in bed.  If it’s ‘girls on top’ why should you complain?



ARIES  Likely to compete with each other, but few dull moments!
TAURUS  Even Aries may find it hard to light the fire here
GEMINI Snap, crackle, pop – but Gemini mustn’t talk ALL the time.
CANCER  Strong feelings, Aries must compromise, Cancer step back.
LEO  The Pride and the Passion – can you take the heat?
VIRGO Could work, but Mr Cool may get fed up with tidying up.
LIBRA Lots of arguments, but Libran style can appeal to Aries
SCORPIO  Make or break – the intensity could change both parties
SAGITTARIUS  Exciting!  Life is a quest – adventure together    
CAPRICORN  Both are ambitious, but there could be conflict.
AQUARIUS  Unpredictable – Aquarius might not be passionate enough.
PISCES  Loving, but Mr Sensitive mustn’t let her walk over him

Of course the astrology of a birth sign can only ever be a background sketch, and any two signs can get along together if they put in the effort, for love isn’t controlled by astrology – it just works through it.  More detailed and exact advice is readily available to you, however.  Monthly horoscopes are there for you.  Get free horoscopes and psychic insight at The Circle.  If you want to know more about yourself or your love-life, call one of our expert readers at The Circle without delay.


PUBLISHED: 2nd April 2015

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