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Welcome to Marayah Rose's Blog:


Imagine Magik !


Magic happens everytime we dream! Magic, as fascinating as it sounds, is quite a simple art if you believe it. Touch your inner magic through simple practices such as yoga or meditation. Connecting to your inner magic is as simple as breathing.

Relationships and Why They Fail


As a relationship expert on TheCircle, the number one question I’m asked is “how does my partner feel about me”?


Some people find it really challenging to open up about their emotions, wearing their heart on their sleeve can be very challenging, especially for people who have been hurt and heartbroken in past relationships.  As such they put up their guard because they feel afraid to bear their soul to their partner in case their heart gets broken again.


Even though Psychics can give the curious love bird a deeper look into their partners’ thoughts and feelings, validation from the person him/herself is paramount if the relationship is to thrive and survive.


In most cases, I see an introverted person in a relationship with an extroverted partner.  One person likes to talk about issues head on, whilst the other is a closed book/poker face, who is afraid to disclose their feelings, hence the relationship struggles to move forward!


Communication issues are the core issue in all relationship challenges, people have very different communications styles and not everyone has a Crystal Ball at their disposal or the ability to mind read their partner’s thoughts and feelings, hence Psychics are consulted for deeper insights.


So how does one navigate through a relationship that is stuck due to communication issues?


Simple steps to follow:-


  1. Never assume or accuse your partner of anything without evidence or proof. It’s unfair to just assume without hearing it directly from your beloved.  For example, concluding that your partner doesn’t love you because he/she won’t talk or has gone silent, show some compassion as there is most likely a deeper issue going on.


  1. Unless you are a registered expert or relationship counsellor avoid wearing the “counsellors hat”. The last thing you want to do is try to psychoanalyst your partner or vice versa…it will only make matters worse.


  1. There are many different ways to communicate, find the best one that works for your partner and you. For example, send an email with some emojis to lighten the mood.  “Hello is anyone home….. I’d love to talk if you are up to it!


  1. Don’t go past humour, humour can lighten the tension and help your partner open up…it’s worth a try.


  1. Gift your partner with some Rose Quartz, the crystal which helps to heal the heart or wear a Rose Quartz bracelet or chain to soften the mood.


Bear in mind everyone feels vulnerable and afraid of getting hurt when it comes to love and relationships.  Never force your partner to open up if they are not ready.




For more expert guidance please book a phone reading or chat with me on TheCircle.


Love and Light

Marayah Rose







Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 23rd September 2022




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




Organic Love Spells


Romeo and Juliet…..ahhh the tear jerker that has transcended time and generations, the love story that will live till eternity.  Well Romeo and Juliet could have saved their families a lot of heartache, lived to a ripe old age and lived to tell their grandchildren lots of stories had they known about these tantalizing OLS (Organic Love Spells).


Romeo and Juliet are the classic Shakespearian archetypes that represent ‘forbidden love’, their families were from different denomination as such they were forbidden from love and marriage.  Ah the torment of forbidden!  In my readings I come across the classic Romeo and Juliet dilemma every day, in which a couple are in love and want to be together but their families forbid it due to different cultures, religion, gender preference and a whole list of other prejudices and judgements that forbid two people who are in love of being together…yes nothing has changed since the thirteenth century….except of course technology!  The Organic Love Spells I’d like to share with my love-struck readers are very effective and the ingredients may be hiding in your kitchen pantry!


All Organic Love Spells must be done with pure intent and for the good of all, not harm anyone or go against a person’s karma.  For example if a person is married to someone else OLS will NOT work!  OLS is for people in love seeking acceptance wanting to share their happiness within their circle of friends or family.


Love Spell to Ease Pride and Prejudice:-


Situation: A proud parent forbids a marriage, so they try to break up the relationship…here the OLS to ease their pride:




Cinnamon sticks

Organic honey (do not substitute)

Majoram springs

1 meter white silk ribbon (cut in half)

Pink rose petals (local florist may have some spare ones)

Photo of the couple in love

Photo of the proud parent/s

4 small olive branches (local herbalist may store them)


Step 1:-

Roll up the photo of the proud parent/s between two small olive branches and tie it up with half meter of white ribbon;


Step 2:-


Dip the proud parent picture in the jar of organic honey with compassion, love and understanding and saying “you too are only human and may your pride turn to compassion”!


Step 3:-


Take the photo of the loved up couple, roll it up between two small olive branches, tie the remaining white ribbon around the photo and dip it in the same jar of honey saying “may our love sweeten the lives of all, bring our families together in peace”.


Step 4:-


Place the marjoram sprigs inside the jar of honey, on each corner of the jar, if the jar is round, place on four corners of the jar in a cross shape (+) say out loud three times “as it was of old so it is today, love will lead the way”.


Step 5:-

Place the jar of honey next to your bed on a dresser, sprinkle the pink rose petals around the jar of honey and say “by the power of love, So Mote it Be”.


Step 6:-

Make or buy some lovely cinnamon muffins or bake a tasty cinnamon treat and give it to your loved one as a peace offering to their family, place the four cinnamon sticks around the plate or box containing the tasty treats and offer it to the proud parent/s saying “my heart is filled with love, not bitterness”.  “May their pride be turned to humility and love.  So Mote it Be”.


Step 7:-

Let go and leave the rest up to the universe!


For more details on the best time to perform my OLS please book a chat or phone reading with me.


Love and blessings

Marayah Rose








Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 22nd July 2022




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




Obsessed With Your Ex


It’s written in pop songs and acted out in popular films, love makes the world go around, but love can also throw our life into an endless helpless spin.


Have you heard the old adage, “Love is a drug”? Indeed, love challenges can be compared to another addiction that challenges our health and wellness.  Just like smoking or food addictions, ‘addiction’ to a toxic relationship or an ex can become addictive, someone you can’t get out of your system, the type of relationship that takes over your day to day life, thoughts, behaviour and relationships with family and friends.  How do you know if you are ‘addicted to an ex’?


Signs that indicate an addiction to your ex:-


  1. You think about them 24-7.
  2. You spend most of your time tracing over their social pages.
  3. You talk about them or think about them every time, everywhere, they never leave your thoughts, they come up in every conversation.
  4. You play re-runs of past memories over and over in your head, it drives you nutty!
  5. You call different Psychics hoping for an ex to return.
  6. Even though you date other love interests, your ex is always in the back of your mind. You may even talk about your ex to the new person you meet.


The list of signs you are addicted to an ex is endless, the real issue is when you know your ex has moved on with someone else but you are still playing ‘second fiddle’ in the hope your ex will leave the other person and come back to you, lack of self-respect/self esteem is part of the territory.


In my daily practice as a relationship expert and Psychic Reader, I am, sadly confronted with hundreds of situations with the inevitable question, “Will I get back with my ex”?  The answer varies for each individual person, however, the underlying issue is the same ‘obsession with the ex’.


The good news is, you can step-by-step get over an ex who has moved on, there are ways to shake off the addiction to an ex, things you can put into action to help you move on from an obsession with an ex.


Here are a few important steps moving forward:-


  1. Admit that you are obsessed with your ex, accepting that you have an issue is key!
  2. Take baby steps forward, enrol in a meditation class to help ease the mind.
  3. Physical fitness is important, try not to fall into a rut, avoid junk food and harmful substances, drinks lots of pure water or juices to cleanse the system (believe it or not, it does help).
  4. Join a yoga class or gym to work off those emotions, keeping fit is important.
  5. Acknowledge your ex and send them love and light, let them go in peace.
  6. Say the Ho’pono’pono prayer, an ancient Hawaiian prayer of love and forgiveness, it has been proven to work wonders, and helps break the Psychic chords with your ex.
  7. Talk to a Psychic or relationship expert in a non-judgemental, confidential environment.


If you feel you have an addiction to an ex or are stuck in a toxic relationship, I’m here to listen, guide and offer deeper insights into your future.


Love and light

Marayah Rose







Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 24th June 2022




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




A Cat Called Amethyst


My beautiful cat is named Amethyst, she is what white wiccan call magical *familiars* they are indeed family. Amethyst is wise and very intuitive! She assists in readings, often meows like crazy when she senses negative energy, also very loving when she senses I'm having a bad day she cuddles up next to me placing her healing paws on my heart chakra, she's truly a little Gem!


Unlike Amethyst I tend to worry about anything and everything, a characteristic she lacks as she's so non-challent about life! A quality I often advise love struck callers to adopt, be a little self absorbed every now and then throw your cares to the does wanders for the heart chakra! (Meooow)


Lots of Love from Amethyst.


For more insight please book a call or chat reading.


Blessings and Love

Marayah Rose xox






Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 27th May 2022




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




Chakra Balancing For Inner Peace


Have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes right!?  Working as a Psychic I must confess I have those days quite often as I pick up on client’s energies easily, so I always remember to balance my chakras regularly to avoid imbalance and emotional overwhelm!


You may compare balancing your chakras to a weekly clean up of your home or tidying up of your office or bedroom to look and smell beautiful – chakra balancing resets your body’s balance, helps clear energetic blocks from specific areas of your body and can lift your energy levels if done regularly.


The Indian Sanskrit translation of chakra means “wheel” or round circular shaped wheel that rotates continuously within our body mind system.


The human etheric body, the part of the body not visible to the eye, houses seven chakras which run up and down the front and back of the body starting at the base of the spine extending to the top of the head or crown.  Chakras are energy centres, we can feel them but cannot visibly see them unless you are a trained Healer Reiki Master or trained to see auras.


The seven generic chakra points, from the base of the spine upward to the top of the head are (the corresponding Sanskrit names are in brackets) :-


  1. Base chakra (Muladhara)
  2. Sakral chakra (Swadhisthana)
  3. Solar Plexus chakra (Manipura)
  4. Heart chakra (Anahata)
  5. Throat chakra (Vishuddah
  6. Third Eye (Ajna)
  7. Crown chakra (Sahasrara)


You may like to think of your chakras as the electrical circuit to your house that keeps all lights and electrical appliances working, if one chakra is out of balance it can play havoc with your body mind balance.  An example is when someone breaks up with a partner or when things go from sweet :) to sour :(. In a relationship, the heart chakra which controls emotions related to love and relationships is thrown right out of balance which can affect the entire seven chakras.  Our feelings usually tell us if the chakras are out of balance, how are you feeling today?


You can check if your chakras are balanced by asking yourself how you feel when you wake up in the morning and the same question before going to bed at night.  Your body is your best friend, it will tell you if something is not quite right.  For example, if you feel tired or sluggish when you get out of bed to go to work this means your base chakra (Muladhara) is very low in energy and out of balance, imagine a flat tyre which prevents a vehicle from moving forward!


Or your heart chakra is low on enthusiasm if you dislike your boss and dread going to work!  Bear in mind every chakra is unique and needs special attention, please consult an expert before coming to any conclusions in regards to your body mind health.


Excellent ways to balance the chakras


  1. Stretching in the morning for a good five to ten minutes.
  2. Deep breathing fresh air, out in nature or open space.
  3. Meditation with specific crystals which correspond to the chakra that needs balancing.
  4. Use of essential oils and aromatherapy oils.
  5. Getting a therapeutic massage with relaxing music in the background.
  6. Yoga to the rescue! (Yoga is my favourite method)
  7. Book a Reiki Healing with a reputable practitioner.


Last but not least book a reading with me to find some peace of mind and reassurance :) xox


Love and blessings beautiful Souls

Marayah Rose






Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 22nd April 2022




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




Daily Mantra For Inner Strength


Mantras are magical tools!  Words are magic indeed, wiccan of old and modern day wiccans use words to invoke magic, hence the word ‘spells’ is derived from spelling, as such casting a spell requires nothing more than uttering specific words to achieve a desired outcome or inner state of being.  For example, if you need more confidence for a job interview a spell (using the appropriate words) will conjure up a boost of confidence, you’ll be amazed and who would’ve thought it was that simple!


Mantra, is a word derived from the origins of yogic philosophy, used by gurus thousands of years ago in search of enlightenment to reach altered stars of being, in the Western world mantras are also used as ‘affirmations’.  I like to call it self talk or having a good pepo talk with self.  A mantra when repeated has the power to alter one’s state of mind and state of being in a positive way.


A well known mantra is the AUM or OM mantra, OM in the yogic traditions is regarded as the ‘sound of creation’ the first ever word or sound that was uttered into creation, meaning all knowing.  Omnipotent being of creation and light, as such chanting the OM or AUM mantra several times has such a profound effect on one’s mental emotional state, it literally clears the mind, balances the chakras, connects to the Higher Self and puts us in a positive state of mind, pretty amazing considering it’s a one word mantra!


Allow me to share with you my ‘go to’ mantra which I recite daily, usually after a yoga class or sometimes in the car as I’m driving, it boosts my energy, puts a spring in my step and helps me face life’s challenges with courage, (we all have our fair share of challenges in life)!.


Mantra for Inner Strength


‘I AM as tall as a mountain, confident and capable of over coming anything that comes my way in life’.


I hope this simple mantra will help you as much as it’s helped me get through life’s challenges.  For more mantras, affirmations and tantalizing spells please connect with me for a personalised reading here on the Psychic Line.


Aums and Blessings ((((OM..OM..OM))))


Marayah Rose Pin 6171








Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 22nd March 2022




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




Emotional Rollercoaster


“Emotional Rollercoaster” is a term we hear quite often these days! Love can be sweet, bitter or bitter sweet depending on your emotional circumstances and how supported you feel by your partner. Emotional validation is important in a relationship and most people don’t know how to ask for validation from their partner hence seek for validation and emotional support outside of their relationship.  However this is when things can get intense and somewhat complicated. Many people seek guidance and insights into their love life when things get over crowed and or complicated!


When a spouse or partner don’t know how to fulfil their emotional needs some people feel that the only other option may be to find a lover or someone who gets them, is there to comfort them on all levels!


Let’s face it, we all need to feel loved but more importantly understood and validated on a deep emotional level, just feeling loved may not be enough if a partner is ‘emotionally’ absent and not on board the soulmate train!


My clients often ask “who should I choose”, “should I stay with my partner or jump ship, what should I do?!” This may sound familiar.


With gasps and sighs most people I’ve spoken to keep going back and forth between two lovers (sometimes multiple partners) in the search for true love and emotional validation, even though the intent may be innocent, more often than not the outcome can be heart breaking for one or more parties, not to mention the white lies that come with the territory.


What usually happens in these love triangles is someone ends up heart broken or one partner will fizzle out and walk away as things get too intense and love hits the rocks.


Ultimately one person gets the short end of the stick and leaves the love party because ironically they too feel misunderstood, these love triangles can last for years, ultimately the emotional pleasure gets filled at someone else’s expense and heartache.


If you feel your partner is not enough and you need a “spare wheel” to travel the journey in search of emotional validation book a relationship reading, it may save someone’s heart being broken.


Craving love is natural, feeling understood should come naturally in any relationship but unfortunately relationships don’t come with an instruction manual, as such communication and transparency with a partner is very important in order to create a healthy sustainable bond between two people (not three).


Self-validation, self-respect, being true to oneself, emotional intelligence are some qualities we can work on to counter balance the overwhelming emotional rollercoaster of love triangles.  The first step is to ask yourself some questions, “what makes ME happy?”, “what do I really need in my life to feel validated?”.  My go to mantra in these situations is “Act like a Cat”.  Do you, be you, love you,  Meowww!  As they say cats are so loveable, independent but don’t beg for love!


For relationship guidance please book a chat or call session.


Sending blessings and love

Marayah Rose





Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 23rd February 2022




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




The Seeker of Truth


Meditation: Where is my soul mate?


The wise old Crone who lived in the woods was approached by the Seeker of Truth one cold Christmas Eve.  She (wise old crone) had a direct link to the Gods and Goddesses, connection from her earth star chakra to her crown chakra, she embodies the wisdom of the living breathing “universe” from within and around her, above and below her being, she embodies light and truth.


On that Christmas Eve twas a full ‘blood’ moon the Seeker of Truth approached her and asked “I have searched far and wide for my lost soul mate, I have spoken to the Gods and Goddesses, I have cried rivers and prayed for years to find her again, my ‘other half’ who left me many moons ago, no one can tell me where she is or when she will return, can you tell me Old Crone can you see it in your visions, can your guides give you the answers, for I am lost without my other half!”


The old Crone turned and placed her left feeling hand on the Seekers heart, closed her eyes and breathed into his heart as she said….”Your other half is within you, she never left, she gave you a gift, the gift of Self Realization, when she left you she took a spiritual journey for you both, she made a sacrifice for you both, she walked the high road so you could find your true light, learn your life lessons and find your ‘innermost self’, you have not lost her, she merely broke the chain of lies that was the illusion of perfect ‘physical love’, your soul mate was a lesson sent by the Gods to help your soul evolve.  Now if you truly love her you must find your authentic self, your inner truth and light, for she is that truth that light within you, if you do not learn from your lessons you will effectively never find her.”


“So go now Seeker of Truth” said the wise old Crone, “you have found her, she lives in your breath in your thoughts, in your body, she is your heart beat, every blink of your eyelids, she is you and you are her, when you love truth and live in the light, love your self unconditionally and find your inner joy she will return”.


So off went the Seeker of Truth into the universe to share his new found wisdom as a disciple of love and truth.  Together with his “lost” love they walked the road less travelled as he carried her his Christmas soul mate inside his heart, his breath and his soul, for now he realised she was he and he was she.  By some miracle that night, she, his lost soul mate appeared in his dreams and gave him a miseltoe branch as she whispered “I will love you forever my  love” and kissed him under the miseltoe. 


Have a blessed Christmas.

Love and blessings.

Marayah Rose pin 6171

For soul mate readings.






Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 22nd December 2021




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




Dawn and Dusk Meditations


Manifestation magic happens at dawn as the sun rises from the East revealing soft pastels of sunlight light in the sky, like curtains being drawn apart to let in the light, clouds part to reveal light!  Meditating at dawn is a practice which dates as far back as ancient Egypt, the Ancient Egytpians were one of the most advance civilizations, they worshiped the sun god Ra and night god Nuit, Ancient Egypt was the most fertile land of the Nile river, the Egyptians where wealthy, healthy and wise, their rituals and meditation practices are just as powerful in today's modern world.


If you cannot wake up at dawn, it's just as affective to practice at dusk or sun set as the golden rays of healing light retire on the horizon.


Dawn and Dusk are two very powerful times of the twenty four hour clock, magic happens during these times and manifesting to the universe is more powerful during these times of the day.

It's quite relaxing, empowering and only take 5 to 10 minutes.


*Manifestation at Dawn or Dusk*


Choose the time of day you prefer to do the meditation, sit by a window as the sun rises or sets, gaze gently into the golden light and manifest your desire, (for the good of all) manifesting follows the laws of karma so we never wish or manifest harm on any living beings.  If you cannot view a sun rise or a sunset it's just as affective to close your eyes and visualize the golden rays of light...happy manifesting! 


Blessings & Light






Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 28th October 2021




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.








You may feel that silence is something we associate with falling asleep at the end of an exhausting day, the lights are off you are lying in your comfortable bed and want nothing but peace and quiet, silence. Silence is hidden between the busy work days, long hours at work, juggling a busy family life, we try to find silence in precious stolen moments with a glass of wine or a good book in a quiet place. Silence is that which soothes the mind and heals the body at the end of a challenging day.


The opposite of silence is loud disruptive clanging, banging noise, something we are use to especially in busy cities, crowded streets and other noisy settings.




Those who seek to develop any kind of psychic skill, spiritual powers or to develop any kind of higher connection to spirit must experience 'Silence'.


Close your eyes for just 30 seconds, clear the mind and listen to the silence, how does it feel to 'listen/ to the silence with your mind? The mind may chatter once you sit in silence, the thoughts may start to drive you batty, however in order to silence the monkey mind, visualization may help. Picture this:- A lavender field in France, the aroma is hypnotic, it sooths your nerves, you are dressed in long flowing robes that allow your body to breath, to feel free, you notice butterflies fluttering silently amongst the lavender, they make no noise. Before you is a winding path which leads to a hill overlooking a flowing river, as you take one step at a time amongst the glorious lavender fields your five senses are emersed in bliss, smell the fresh lavender, feel the gentle breeze on your skin, listen to the silence, that's right, (breath deeply in and out, relax even more). You now reach the top of the hill, as you sit on the soft grass you can see a glimpse of buildings from afar of the village centre but you cannot hear any noise, you are miles away emersed in peace, you hear the peace and tranquility.


Take a nice deep breath, as you breath out release the stress of weeks gone by, listen to your breath as you exhale, allow yourself to expeience the silence. After this short visualization make note of how you feel, stretch, feel grounded.


Listening to the silence can be a challenge in busy cities however a soothing piece of music with headphones is the next best alternative...happy listening.


Silence is the key to inner peace and happiness.

Blessings to you dear friends A*W

Namaste love





Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 22nd September 2021




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




Sensing Crystals


As stunning as they are to the eye, precious crystals and gems hold special powers with unique qualities to empower the body, mind and sharpen psychic powers. Placed around the home sacred crystals have the power to cleanse stale energy, up-lift the vibration of a room, enhance psychic vibes, sharpen intuition, give you clarity of mind, radiate positive vibes. Crystals are not only visually stunning they have special powers.


Today I focus on my CRYSTAL BALL, a 360 degree perfect circle made of CLEAR QUARTZ used by some psychics to predict events, enhancing deep insights and give clarity. Gazing into a Crystal ball when the mind is clear and focused opens the third eye allowing psychic visions to enter the mind's eye. You may not see actual images inside the Crystal ball, rather in your minds eye, provided the mind is relaxed and clear. Any type of Clear Quartz Crystals can be used to enhance intuition and give the seeker deeper insights or cleanse, revitalise your energy. Crystals are simply amazing.




Find a crystal you love, make sure it's been cleansed, hold it gently in your left hand whilst relaxed in a seated position, (switch of phones and make sure you won't be disturbed for ten minutes) take three nice deep cleansing breaths, release any tension as you exhale, easing deeper into a comfortable seat. With eyes closed, tune into the energy of your Crystal, feeling it's special power, allow that energy to move through your entire body. Now relax even more, clear your mind of any unnecessary mind chatter, think only of the Crystal, connecting with the power of the Crystal.

Feeling relaxed and at ease you may now programme your Crystal with whatever quality you desire, confidence, courage, the strength to get through a challenge in life, more prosperity, to find a better job, literally anything provided it's done with good intent. Crystals absorb these qualities and emanate these powers into your life.


Once you've programmed your Crystal take three nice deep breaths, hold the Crystal to your heart and say I Thank you, I love you & So Mote it Be’. Note: Programme your crystal with good intent which harms no one, for the good of all. After your crystal meditation open your eyes, stretch, have a refreshing beverage to ground your energies. Voila! Now you have your magical Crystal.


Blessings and Love beautiful souls


Marayah Rose






Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 23rd July 2021




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




Candle Magic


Namaste beautiful souls.


In this month's blog I'd like to share a little about candle magic, their healing relaxing power.


VISUALIZATION: In your minds eye visualize a white candle burning bright (or use a real candle if you have one) imagine you're sitting on a balcony overlooking the ocean at a holiday destination, on a hot summers night, the air is still as you listen to ocean waves lashing the sea shore. All electrical lights are switched off, a white candle illuminates the surrounds creating a magical bubble of golden light. Imagine you are staring into the candle flame with a back drop of ocean waves. Now clear your mind of any past or present thoughts and just allow the candle flame to soften your gaze until the eyes shut naturally, feel your whole body relaxing, allow yourself to sink into the chair supporting your back.


How does that feel?  Allow that feeling of relaxation to double, triple, quadruple, intensify this relaxing feeling until your whole body surrenders to the soft healing energy of the candle light, breath in and out to the rhythm of the ocean waves, exhale any negative mind chatter, inhale positive energy, white light. When you’re ready open your eyes.


CANDLES were used hundreds of centuries ago to provide light in the dark, present day in the 21st century candles serve decorative and spiritual purposes, when you light a candle something magical happens, the elements of fire (the flame), earth (the wick), water (melting wax), and air (oxygen fuels the fire) unite to create light! Using a candle or numerous candles can create a soothing healing space for meditation and to quiet the mind.


Blessings and Love

Marayah Rose





Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 22nd June 2021




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




Golden Light Meditation


Take the ‘L’ out of GOLD and you have ‘GOD’, two powerful words we can use to strengthen our inner self, create a positive mindset and feel empowered within ourself. Colour therapy with meditation has been used for centuries to improve one’s mindset, heal, change a dull mood into a bright one and create a positive mood.


In my daily practice of yoga and meditation I visualise the colour GOLD, especially at times when I’ve felt drained or depleted of energy. Visualising golden light helps to clear the mind and connects us to the Higher Self or Divine Self, connects us to the God or Goddess within, the results of this gold colour therapy are simply stunning.




Simply take 5 minutes out of your daily life to relax in a quiet place, undisturbed by technology or human interference.


Once you’re comfortable gently close the eyes, exhale all stale air and take a fresh deep breath into the lungs for 4 counts, hold for a second and exhale for 8 counts, repeat this breathing three times and then breathe at your natural pace. With every inhalation visualise GOLDEN LIGHT entering your body, as you exhale visualise all negative thoughts, feelings or emotions being ‘blown’ out through the mouth. Keep visualising the GOLDEN LIGHT as you inhale until your mind, body and aura are saturated in GOLD LIGHT. Lastly, visualise a radiant GOLD LIGHT on top of your crown chakra shining bright like a light bulb connecting you to your DIVINE SELF. Now in this state of bliss make a WISH, manifest a positive situation, send healing to a loved one in need, ask the universe for whatever you desire. The GOLDEN RULE is good intentions, never wish harm upon anyone.


For further insights please book a reading with me.

Many blessings beautiful souls.


Marayah Rose xox





Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 20th April 2021




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




Aladdin's Magic Lamp


Aladdin's lamp would come in handy any day of the week, as would a dozen wishes! As the world rapidly changes, we often feel our only hope is to miraculously land in a pile of gold, win a lottery or inherit grans dowery...but instead we often land ourselves in piles of can be unfair at times!

My son marvelled as the Blue Genie slipped out of the magic lamp granting the 'chosen one' Aladdin three wishes! The movie was our favourite Sunday outing back in the 90's – Mum, I  WANT A  GENIE...NOW,  little Edward would shout! Fast forward twenty years, oh how life has changed!
Indeed, the thought of having a genie can cheer up a few grumpy faces:-)

My lovely reader I'd like to share a little secret with you, if you dare read on......we can all have that Genie in a bottle, literally at our finger tips.

How to conjure up your Genie.

Step 1. Focus on the picture of the magic lamp below, if you have a real magic lamp at home hold it by it’s handle with your left hand.

Step 2. Sit quietly for a few minutes in privacy, chanting the OM mantra eight times.

Step 3. Take slow deep yogic breaths, in through the nose, slowly out through the mouth chanting OMs, as you clear the mind visualize your body encompassed in golden light.

Step 4. Gently hold your right hand over the magic lamp as you make your three wishes.

A word of warning: be very clear about your intentions, only wish for good and pure outcomes that do not harm or hinder anyone.

Sit quietly for a few minutes holding the lamp or gazing at its image as you visualize your wishes coming to life, repeat this ritual daily asking the same three wishes for one whole month...always thank your 'Genie' after every request, expect miracles!

Many Blessings and love to my lovely readers.

Marayah Rose





Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 23rd March 2021




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




Birds of a Feather


Life can be much like a challenging relationship! On again, off again, bursts of emotions, good days, challenging days, ups and downs, hot and cold emotions. Life can be a challenge at best, especially over the past two years it's put many of us to the test as we ride the emotional roller coaster!
Unless off course you have a 'go to' counsellor, psychic or a BFF who really cares it can feel daunting. Ways to remain focused and in control of emotions can be simple and cost little to nothing.
One such way is connecting with like minded souls, reaching out can be therapeutic healing, add value to life and have lasting benefits.

As my grandmother use to say 'birds of a feather flock together' seeking out like minded people who support, understand and hear you out, especially on those tricky days when all goes 'flat' in life, will lift the burden from your heart. You don't have to go it alone, provided you find your flock, your soul group with like minded souls.

On days when life feels overwhelming, I like to read a feel-good book or simply 'Net-flix it' with a feel good movie, it's far better than chocolate, and can lighten the emotional weight. Yoga breathing can also add that special spark to any dull day, simply play a soothing music track you love, find a safe, quiet space, close your eyes take three nice deeeep breaths in and out,  for the next five minutes relax and imagine you're a beautiful bird flying high, releasing all those blocked emotions, letting go of difficult people in your life, the higher you fly the lighter the burden becomes, feel the wind beneath your wings carry away those overwhelming emotions, release, let go, feel FREE!

After five or ten minutes visualize yourself back in your physical space, take three nice deeeep breaths in and out, drink a healthy warm or cool beverage to feel grounded and carry on with your life. Remember find your 'flock' and stick together. Enjoy the journey beautiful souls. Spread your wings and fly, the sky's the limit.

Namaste Blessings

Marayah Rose





Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 22nd February 2021




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




The Fastest Way to Inner Peace


Inner peace is a journey, peace of mind is the destination. Inner Peace is achievable, life can be made easier and we can cut worry and stress in half by following some simple directions, a bit like following directions on a navigator when travelling. Bhakti Yoga or the yoga of devotion has saved many from the grips of stress anxiety and the ever present 'monkey mind'.


You may practice Bhakti Yoga at home or find a teacher. It starts with a daily routine of five minutes of simply sitting in a quiet place, being still and listening to the sound of your breathing which sounds like the ocean. As simple as this may sound many find it easier to run around multi-tasking than to sit still for five minutes, but this short but effective five minutes out of our busy lives is the key to finding inner peace.


Finding Inner Peace not only helps us feel more relaxed and focused it allows us to be more in tune with our inner wisdom, to listen to our inner voice. It can be achieved by sitting in silence as you listen to your breathing, gently in through the nose and out through the mouth, it will change the way you feel instantly. In addition, gazing at a serene image whilst sitting in silence may be of benefit, some serene images I like to use are a peaceful pond, a sunset, a bed of roses or just gazing into a candle flame.



Marayah Rose





Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 22nd January 2021




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




Yoga to the Rescue


Stress and worry are two strong intuition blockers. I hear my clients say, when I'm under a lot of stress my emotions get in way and my intuition 'goes out the window’ I make rash decisions, or my relationships suffer as a result.


It's all one vicious circle really, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that guiding light for many Zen masters is...tah and yogic chanting!


I started yoga twenty years ago after a failed marriage, yoga helped me go within my core, remain centred, focused and balanced whilst everything on the 'outside was falling apart. So today I'd like to share a simple technique to help my lovely readers find peace in a world that's falling apart.


Step 1. Wake up 5 mins earlier than usual so you can sit in bed for 5 mins and mentally prepare for your day ahead.


Step 2 Hold a pillow against your chest, close your eyes and take three nice long deep breaths exhaling any unwanted thoughts/mind clutter.


Step 3 Repeat the mantra OM eight times (or more if you like) in your mind if you have room mates, or out aloud if you have more privacy.


Take three long deep breaths, as you exhale chant the OM mantra, the shift will be profound and lasting throughout the day. You may repeat this simple chanting at night before retiring. OM chanting at the start and finish of your day clears the Third Eye chakra, clears the mind of unnecessary mind clutter, which helps us make better decisions throughout the day.


With love Marayah Rose






Marayah Rose Pin 6171

Published: 24th December 2020




Marayah Rose    PIN 6171   


I combine all of my Psychic tools to give useful guidance and positive future direction. I am compassionate and understanding to your challenges.




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