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Reader: Fran S Spirituality

Fran S

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Which ever area of your life is getting you down or confusing you, I can and will guide you through the chaos.
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Scorpio Star sign 

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A note from me

From 21/11 to 05/12 I will be away celebrating the big 50 .. Look forward to reading guiding supporting you all from december love n light x



Direct and to the point.


Love & Relationships, Family & Home, Career, Spirituality, Twin Flames


Medium, Clairvoyant, Empath


Spirit Guides, Angel Cards, Pendulum


I have had a connection with my Spirit Guides throughout my life and have been reading professionally for over 20 years.


I like to keep fit, meditate and read.

My Mantra:

Believe and the universe will aid you.

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Telephone advice session rating - C*****1 - 21-Nov-2022 19:05

Amazing as always xxx👏👏👏👏

5 stars 👏👏

Telephone advice session rating - C*****1 - 14-Nov-2022 19:33

Absolutely amazing. Thank u Fran xx


Telephone advice session rating - C*****1 - 13-Nov-2022 22:52

What a lovely lady. Speaks the truth and gave me wonderful clarification from spirit. I shall do as she said and let her know when i have done it!! Highly recommend. Look forward to having another reading in a few months time. Thank you x

Extremely accurate

Telephone advice session rating - C*****1 - 13-Nov-2022 21:56

Fran really blew me away. She got straight to the heart of the issues with the people I was calling about and gave me incredible insight. She did not sugarcoat anything, but what she said needed to be said and made a huge amount of sense, she had my best interest at heart in the guidance she provided. She has made some predictions about things she saw in the future which I will eagerly await. In short, Fran is an excellent reader and I strongly recommend her.

Predictions always correct

Telephone advice session rating - C*****1 - 13-Nov-2022 01:23

Fran is one of the best readers I have ever encountered. All of her predictions have been correct and even small words of advice turned out to be valid and helpful. Her style is straightforward and she will answer questions directly. I recommend her to anyone who would like to know a correct prediction rather than what they want to hear.

Great reading

Telephone advice session rating - C*****3 - 12-Nov-2022 23:45

I called Fran back to tell her that the predictions from the last reading happened just as she said they would. very good reading again. San x

Reader skills

  • Angels
  • Clairvoyance
  • Medium
  • Love & Relationships
  • Spirit Guides
  • Career
  • Family & Home