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Three Spells For Spiritual Safety


Autumn can be an eerie time of year.  Our ancestors believed that between the Equinox and Halloween the veils between this world and the Otherworld become thinner.  Spirits can pass through, and hauntings are more likely.  As the shadows rise, it is good to feel that you are protected, and the Light of your soul shines strong.


Try these three spells to be safe and secure on every level.
Learn how to:
  • Understand spells
  • Create crystal protection
  • Empower herbs for a safe home
  • Psychically cleanse with sound


A ‘spell’ is just a way of spelling out what you want.  These days we are learning that if you want something you have to send out a call to the Universe.  It’s all about thinking positively and creating your own reality.  A spell is a bit like a prayer, but you don’t have to follow any religion to cast it.  You just need to believe that the Cosmos loves you, and your intentions matter.
Spells use ‘props’ like candles and crystals to make them powerful.  This is because there is life force in everything, and certain substances are in harmony with your purpose.  Casting your spells should be fun, but also something you do with respect and gratitude.  You are plugging into something awesome, and it’s a great gift.


For general psychic protection the crystal labradorite is excellent.  This crystal is easily obtained in specialist shops.  Because crystals have a powerful life essence it is important to choose them personally rather than order on-line.  Your spell can begin with a trip to a beautiful crystal shop.  Ask for the crystal that is right for you to call to you, because it often feels like your crystal chooses you rather than the other way round!
Labradorite is not an expensive crystal, but if you are on a budget a simple tumble-stone will do quite well.  Once you have chosen your crystal, cleanse it by holding it in running water while you say three times ‘May you be purified by the waters of Life.  Blessed Be’
To empower your crystal, place it on a low shelf or coffee table with a white candle beside it.  Cleanse your area by lighting a lavender joss stick or smudge stick and wafting the vapour around, affirming you are driving away negativity.  Visualise a protective circle of white light around you, and sit facing your crystal.
Close your eyes and imagine your crystal is giving off a protective energy that is combining with your protective circle, so you are surrounded by radiance coming from the crystal.  Now imagine that the crystal is becoming much larger.  You are entering the crystal, and around you is the magical world of the labradorite.  Here you are always totally safe from anything negative, secure and empowered.
When you are ready, come back out of your crystal, touch your palms to the floor and visualise your crystal re-absorbing all the light around you.  Blow out the candle and place your labradorite in a protective pouch.  Carry it with you whenever you feel you need extra protection.


All growing things have their own special powers and there are several herbs that will keep your home psychically safe.
You will need a sprig of basil for each of the rooms in your home, one sprig of bay leaf, a handful of mint leaves and an acorn.  Grow and gather your own herbs if you possibly can.  Light your white candle, place your labradorite so it is touching the candle and pile your herbs all around both candle and crystal.
Think of all the vibrancy in the plant world.  The fresh scents, the healing shades of green.  Imagine that you are in a sunlit meadow on a bright spring day.  Breathe in the aliveness of Nature.  Your herbs are a gift from that world.
Now imagine that the power of the labradorite is entering and surrounding the herbs.  They are absorbing that protectiveness, it is activating their own powers and they will spread this around your home.
Place a sprig of basil in each room and hang the bay over your front door.  Scatter the mint where you think it is most needed and place the acorn over your hearth.  Finally, form a five point star with your finger over each window and door, and affirm that the powers of Sun, Sky and Earth are protecting you.


Although there are plenty of myths about demonic entities, the ‘demons’ most likely to be a problem are your own fears and negative thinking.  You may also feel there is an unfriendly or sorrowful presence in your home, or a coldness, and you may wish to raise the vibrations around you, so you feel at ease.
For this spell you will need bells or a singing bowl.  Take a deep breath, mentally surround yourself with protective white light and begin to ring your bell or sound your bowl.  As the sound grows in volume, imagine its vibration shaking up the ether, filling it with sparks and wonderful, upbeat energies.  Imagine any unwanted spirits being driven away by the sounds.  See them seeing the Light that awaits them and going towards it.
Continuing to make your sounds, dance around the room, or the entire house, singing if you wish.  Affirm that you are purifying and charging up your space, so that only happy and helpful spirits can draw close.
When you’ve finished, hang a few wind-chimes around your dwelling, to keep the life-force vibrant.



Now you have an understanding of spells, can charge up a crystal, empower herbs and cleanse your space with sound.  You are well-equipped for psychic safety during the darker season, but if you need extra support and information or if something is worrying you, don’t try to deal with this alone.  Our experienced team of Readers can guide you through any problems, so put in a call without delay and feel safe and protected once again.



PUBLISHED: 30 October 2018


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