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Are You Awakening Spiritually?


The idea of being spiritually awakened is comforting and encouraging.  It can give you a sense of being connected to something great and beautiful.  But if you are full of self-criticism and doubts you may miss the hints that you are awakening to spirit.


Learn to have confidence and spot the signs that you are opening up to the unseen and blessed realms.  Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Are you empathic?
  • Do you have powerful dreams?
  • Do you ‘sense’ presences?
  • Do you have premonitions?
  • Do you ever hear ‘voices’?
  • Can you experience all-powerful Love?


If you are empathic you may feel the sufferings and pleasures of others almost as if they were your own.  Sometimes you may not be sure what you are feeling, because without realising it you are becoming absorbed by the needs of those around you.
Although this may not seem at all supernatural, it does have a very psychic aspect.  Your being is tuning in to that of others, so the barriers between you dissolve.  At some level you are experiencing the fact that we are all connected and that love is the force that holds he cosmos together.
If you are an ‘empath’ you must be very careful of your boundaries.  You will need to protect yourself staunchly from anyone who might take advantage of you.  Remember, your wishes and well-being matter just as much as anyone else’s.  If you are an empath it is your duty to care for yourself – you have a lot to give but you can only give this if you are strong and healthy on all levels.


Some dreams feel important.  This may be because spirit beings come to you in them – these could be angels, spirit guides or family members that have passed on.  Or it may be because they are beautiful and vivid, or full of symbols such as stars, hearts, keys, feathers and many other possible signs.  You may have had dreams that have foretold the future or given you insight into a problem.  Any significant dream is a sign that you are ‘awakening’.
Get in the habit of recording your dreams.  It is more important that you acknowledge them than that you successfully interpret them.  In time they will bring you a stronger and stronger link to Spirit.


There are many ways you may be aware that a deceased loved-one is close.  You may, if you are lucky, actually see them.  You may hear their voice, smell their scent, or simply sense that they are nearby.  Never doubt your perceptions.  Always take them seriously and regard them as a privilege.
It can help to begin attending a spiritualist church.  This is because you will meet like-minded people who will share their own experiences.  You will also meet skilled mediums who can tell you more about what is happening.  Don’t worry if you don’t go along with all the beliefs and teachings – they are just a way of giving form to the spirit world and are only one way of making sense of it.  
In time you will form your own opinions, but meanwhile, for reassurance, get in touch with one of our team of Readers for guidance on the spiritual and psychic.


Maybe at times you just know something is going to happen.  You may even find yourself speaking this out loud without quite preparing – and then you are right!  This may be scary, because you may fear seeing disaster.  This can result in anxiety which then attracts the negative.  However, do not repress negative thoughts – lovingly acknowledge them and release them.
Always make a strong effort to think positive.  Write down all your positive thoughts in a notebook with a beautiful cover, depicting an angel, unicorn or uplifting scene.  Write the negative ones on scraps, which you burn.  Whenever you need to lift yourself, read through your positive notebook.  Remember that light always triumphs over dark, because darkness is simply a lack of light.  That way you will draw positive and uplifting premonitions that will brighten your world.


Have you ever heard a voice in your head, maybe just calling your name?  This can happen just as you are falling asleep and is a primary indication of spiritual awakening.  No, you are not going crazy!  Spirit is telling you ‘it’ is there.  
You may hear voices at other times, advising you or warning you.  Respect these and follow the advice, but carefully.  As you open up psychically, many beings may make their presence felt and not all are benevolent.  Get in the habit of meditating for a few minutes a day.  Imagine a shower of blue light cleansing your spiritual being and then wrap yourself in a protective sphere of white light.  Nothing can harm you with love in your heart.


One of the loveliest ways to awaken spiritually is to become vibrantly conscious of Love, all around, between and among everything you see.  For moments the world seems a glorious, shining place – all is energy, all is Divine.
Moments like this should be treasured.  Be mindful, fully present in the ‘here and now’ as much as you can, reminding yourself of this regularly through your day.  Wherever you are, whatever you are doing and whoever you are with, there is a special magic in mindfulness that, paradoxically, reveals to you that existence is infinite and peace is all around.  So calm your Monkey Mind and tell yourself ‘Love is all you need’!



You now know how to spot certain signs of spiritual awakening.  These include empathy, powerful dreams, sensing presences, premonitions, hearing voices and experiencing all-powerful love.  You also have some suggestions about how to deal with these and develop them.  For more expert advice and guidance on all spiritual subjects simply contact one of out Readers.  You will then have greater understanding, and reassurance.



PUBLISHED: 01 October 2018

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