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Seven Steps To Help You Remember Your Dreams


As the winter deepens it can feel more important to have a rich inner life.  The darker time of year is good for brushing up your intuitive skills and getting in touch with the magic in your subconscious.


This manifests every night in your dreams, so learn the habit of remembering them.
  • Understand why dreams are important
  • Learn the seven steps to remember them


You may think you don’t dream, but you most certainly do.  We all dream.  It’s just that some people don’t remember them, while others do.  There are several reasons why it’s important to recall your dreams.
  • Most psychologists believe that dreams are important.  They are images created by your subconscious and skilful dream interpretation can sometimes reveal important truths that lie hidden.  For instance, you may dream of drowning and as water symbolises emotions it reveals a fear of being overcome by your feelings
  • Dreams are also a pathway to psychic power.  Insights into the past or the future, or the motives of others can show themselves in dreams.  In dreams you may be telepathic, meet up with other dreamers or your spirit guides and ancestors.
  • Loved ones who have passed on often appear in dreams and may bring messages and reassurance.
  • Answers to problems can appear in dreams, as your subconscious works on them and comes up with answers
  • Remembering your dreams is simply interesting, adding another dimension to your life.




  • AFFIRM THAT YOU ARE A DREAMER.  Maybe you often remember your dreams, maybe you don’t remember them at all – but the dreams are there!  Whatever the case, begin to focus on dreams.  Talk about dreams, think about what you might dream and what you would like to dream, if you could choose.  Give your subconscious all the messages you can about how important your dreams are.  For instance, you could create a vision board – a notice board with lots of visual material – depicting dream-like images to stimulate you.  Or place books about dreams near your bed and remind yourself as often as possible during the day that dreams are important.
  • HAVE A REGULAR BED-TIME   If you don’t ever recall your dreams that could be because you are waking up at the wrong point of your sleep cycle.  REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is the part of your cycle when you are dreaming, so you need to wake up then, not when you are more deeply asleep.  If you’re not getting enough sleep, your alarm may be going off when you are not dreaming, for instance.  So change your bed-time routine so you go to bed a little earlier.  If you think you’re sleeping too long, then go later
  • HAVE A GOOD BED-TIME ROUTINE.  Don’t just flop into bed.  Get ready for bed properly, slowing down, cleaning your teeth, arranging things for the morning – and all the while affirming to yourself that you are going to drift into peaceful sleep and have memorable dreams
  • PLACE A NOTE-PAD BY THE BED.  Place a special note-pad by the bed, ready to record your dreams.  Just before you settle down write the date at the top of the page with the words ‘Tonight I dreamed….’ Leaving plenty of room to record your dreams.  This signals to your subconscious that you intend to dream
  • GET SOME MAGICAL HELP.  There are certain crystals that have special powers to help you remember dreams.  Azurite, a beautiful blue stone, can bring prophetic dreams, so place a piece of azurite under your pillow.  Amethyst is also helpful for peaceful sleep and dreams.  Wearing a silver necklace set with moonstones can also do the trick..  Mistletoe hung above your bed brings sweet dreams  while a tea made of rose-buds and drunk before bed encourages prophetic dreams.
  • AFFIRM THAT YOU WILL DREAM  Just before you go to sleep, tell yourself you will dream.  Look forward to dreaming.  Imagine how good you’ll feel when you have interesting dreams to remember and record
  • RECORD YOUR DREAMS AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP  The instant you wake up, write down what you can remember of your dreams.  These may be only fragments – you may feel the entire dream scenario falling apart and dissolving.  It was something important and vivid, yet it’s gone in moments.  Do your best even if what you’re left with is meaningless bits and pieces.  The more regularly you record, the more you will remember, until gradually you manage to remember long and meaningful dreams.
If you’re one of those people that doesn’t recall dreams, be patient.  Keep going through the steps, tweak your routine and keep trying.  In the end those dream-memories will come flooding in.



We’ve seen why dreams are important and gone through the seven steps to remember them.  You’re now well-informed about how to remember your dreams.  However, if you are in a hurry for insight, why delay?  Our skilled Readers are ready for your call and can give you all the information you need, so put in a call as soon as you can and throw light on your path ahead.



PUBLISHED: 13 November 2018

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