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How to Stop Being Jealous in Your Relationship


Typical signs of jealousy, The Othello Syndrome and how to stop being jealous


Jealousy is a characteristic which many people will not want to admit about themselves. They feel that if they show they’re jealous, others will view them as insecure. Insecurity means that they may lack self-confidence and lack of self-confidence can be thought of as unattractive to partners or potential lovers. So what do jealous people have in common to make them feel this way? Perhaps it is a fear of losing someone they love or perhaps it is just a deeply embedded feeling of insecurity or unworthiness? What can we learn that will teach us how to stop being jealous? Indeed, is it something that we can learn or will the green eyed monster always be hiding somewhere within…

Some people describe jealousy as an uncontrollable internal rage that bubbles to the surface…




In some cases, there is a fine line that can be drawn with unfounded jealousy and real insecurity. Some people describe jealousy as an uncontrollable internal rage that bubbles to the surface. Many say that once they have blurted out something which indicates they are jealous, they feel embarrassed. However, some people in relationships, can behave in a way towards others that would alert a real and understandable insecurity in their partner. Perhaps they are a natural flirt and cannot change their behaviour, even when they are in a relationship. Unfounded jealousy often stems from a lack of self-confidence and a fear of losing someone that they love. Are you jealous? Or is your partner jealous?

  • ACCUSATIONS – Accusing partner of looking at or giving romantic attention to others
  • CONTROLLING – Controlling who your partner spends time with, where they go in social situations and whether you trust them without you
  • INTERROGATING – Needing to know all details of their social events, wanting to know who just called them, checking their phone, emails, text messages
  • TRUST ISSUES – Truly believing that you cannot trust them (or others they may see / meet) and that they will be unfaithful to you
  • DISRESPECTING PRIVACY – Feeling you need to check their belongings, looking over their shoulder when they’re on the phone / laptop or eavesdropping their phonecalls.
  • INSECURE IN PUBLIC – Always watching them to see if they are looking at people, feeling uncomfortable around other people, lacking in self-confidence

The jealous person can appear delusional and their behaviour will be extreme…




Shakespeare’s hero, Othello believing that his wife was unfaithful, tragically murdered her due to his apparent raging jealousy. ‘The Othello Syndrome’, also known as morbid jealousy is something far more serious. It is a delusional and obsessional jealousy created by a psychological disorder that leads them to be completely all consumed that their partner or spouse is being unfaithful without proof. Morbid jealousy creates behaviour which can be socially unacceptable and offensive to others. The jealous person can appear delusional and their behaviour will be extreme, in the fear of losing someone they love or someone that are attracted to. The Othello Syndrome is a rare psychological disorder and described as a pathological jealousy in a person. It is the extreme of jealousy and the green-eyed monster! It is a psychological disorder which would need professional counselling and support.

We can control jealousy but only if we are to work on our own self-belief and emotions




Feeling jealous is not a good thing and many of us hate the insecurities and unease that comes with it. Some of us may have very good reasons as to why we have become jealous people, perhaps we have experienced infidelity in past or current relationships and the lack of self-confidence from it, can be difficult to shake off. Morbid jealousy, or ‘The Othello Syndrome’ is an extreme version of jealousy but perhaps it is a story that we can learn from. Consciously working on self-esteems issues and raising your self-confidence will eventually result in jealousy symptoms subsiding. We can control jealousy but only if we are to work on our own self-belief and emotions. We cannot go through life being frightened that we may lose someone we love or care about. Becoming aware of your own unfounded jealousy is the first step to helping yourself. Do things that will improve your self-worth, change habits that do not serve you, invest some time in yourself to rebuild your confidence. All most of us want is a long-lasting and loving relationship that has mutual respect and trust. If you continue to be jealous and not trust your partner, you may be the one who makes them eventually walk away. Nobody wants to be mistrusted and nobody wants to be in the position when they cannot trust their partner. Work together on improving self-confidence and self-esteem, explain to your partner what makes you jealous or uneasy in situations.






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