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Reader: Carl Medium
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I am a medium and clairvoyant who shines a light of clarification into your life situation. I am also clairsentient and clairaudient.

A note from me:
Heavenly Father,show us your Light,Keeper of Wisdom,Giver of Sight

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I am a channel, a medium. The voices of spirit speak through me. I hear them, I feel them and sometimes I see them. They always say what they feel is important to acknowledge, they won't tell you what you want to hear. They have only our greatest interests at heart. I work with no tools, only with spirit and my guides. We have been doing this together professionally now for the past 10 years.

Psychic history

From childhood I experienced many visitations from spirit and energies. Some came in love and others came to halt my progress. At night time sometimes I would be drawn outside the block of flats that I lived in to the playground where I would be taken up into the sky by a beam of light. Some visitations were very traumatic and as a result only fragments of these memory remain unlocked. Others remain extremely vivid. It was explained to me in recent years during a very clear communication from guides/energies who told me I had "heightened perception" and that I was an "Indigo Child, Christ Awakened" which means I am an Indigo Child who has opened to the "Christ Consciousness" or in plain terms has evolved to a higher level of spiritual awareness, understanding and maturity since I`ve been here. Indigo children are born with a higher level of conscious awareness than the average person and our mission is to help humanity to become more fully conscious of themselves and others in order to move into a more advanced open and aware way of being for all of humanity. Having Heightened Perception makes me aware of some energies or events others are not and what I feel, sense, see and hear is magnified, heightened. This is how I am able to work as a channel.

True story

I have a memory from when I was 4 years old. It is a memory of the first time I saw my Dad cry. I remember it because for me it was traumatic, he was sobbing and I didn't understand why. My mother was comforting him and a small old man who I did not recognise was sat on the couch leaning forwards looking ever so concerned for my Dad. I managed to understand my Dad tell my Mum that his father had died but it wasn`t until my adult life when I saw a photo of my Dad's Dad whom I'd never met, that I realised he was sat in our living (pardon the pun) room that day looking very much alive to me and concerned for my father who was grieving for his death. My grandfather was from Ireland. I recently told this memory to my Mum and she confirmed for me that my Dad's Dad had never travelled from Ireland to see us when we were children and so I know for sure that I am not placing a memory of seeing him in the flesh somewhere into this memory.

Customer testimonials

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Telephone advice session rating Authentic
I felt quite an overwhelming sense of connection to this gentleman. My heart is racing. He was used as a channel from the spirit world to relay messages which I could only understand and interpret. He is so humble, honest and sincere. Refreshing. Stay blessed Carl and I hope that you can provide the reassurance to others that you have given me today. Keep shining
, User_11640740
Telephone advice session rating tune in brilliantly with great TLC!
Thank you GOD that HE has allowed me to have called Carl! He doesn't need tools strong connection with divine spirit! Very caring and reassuring! Thank you v much & GOD BLESS U & your work for HIM!
, tingsglobal
Telephone advice session rating I am sorry did not connect
Carl is a pleasant person to talk to you however, I am sorry I did not feel a connection and that does not mean he is a bad reader. We all do connect to others in different ways
, Circle_113473782
Telephone advice session rating Lovely gentle reading
Carl bought through to me family in spirit , names and other associations It was such a comfort at this time, it has given me strength of purpose and he also gave me things that no one could know except spirit and those that were there at the time . One thing was such a powerful confirmation it has given me a real boost. Such a kind reader, straight & from the heart it was a real pleasure to speak to him Thanks Carl
, Circle_111803383
Telephone advice session rating HIGHLY TUNED TO SPIRIT
Carl always delivers !!
, Circle_113199781
Telephone advice session rating carl ,
nice guy ,connection a bit slow ,but will see if things unfold x
, Circle_112731181
Telephone advice session rating feedback
connected well didnt have enough time to hear everything
, shivim14
Telephone advice session rating Remarkable
Sorry phone cut off,that was a lovely chat thankyou
, Kazza1998
Telephone advice session rating WENDY
Honest and wonderful and beautiful medium. I am lost for words. Couldn't believe my ears he didn't have to ask questions. So god smacked.
, Circle_112120782
Telephone advice session rating Excellent evidential reading
Excellent reading clearly gave evidence from those who had passed on with names. Clearly communicated what he was getting and has a lovely gentle manner.Thank you
, Circle_113108882
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